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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Just wanted everyone to know that what I say is just in good fun. I mean NO harm and I act the same in "real life". I joke around alot, maybe good.........maybe bad. I could edit what I write, but this is who I am. If you are offended, or even affended........let me know in forum or pm.

New & Old, I mean no disrespect. I enjoy all of you and want you to do the same of me.

This may be the last warning.........but probably not.

I figure I can poke fun, as long as I'm made fun of. I only write what I could handle myself...........which is usually more than most.

Take care all SMF members, and rest assured that it is all in fun.

Yours truely, honestly(this time anyway

Jason aka BigAL
BigAl, there ain't a whole lot that comes out of my mouth that ain't picking on some one. I love the banter and it is most definately all in fun. Most people understand this and give as good as they get, and those that don't are usually uptight a-holes anyway and there's not much you can do about that. Don't let em change who you are.

Okay Now I'm confused... Where's Al at and who is Jason... What did you do with Al??? Don't make us come out there ... we want Al back! He's the only decent Turd Kansas has to offer.
Heck be yourself and don't worry about it, speaking of that it"s Miller Time, now that's something to worry about.
Hey, thanks for the responses. As long as you guys/gals know the "way I am", all is fine.

I posted to the small town joke thread after Bud. I really like Bud and Theresa. Soon after he had left.........coincedence(sp? i don't f'n care) maybe. But the "older" generation ( anyone here before me) deserves more respect than what some punk "kid" has to say.

I enjoy everyone here, some more than others, but I enjoy everyone. I have respect for everyone, even if it is your first smoke. You all have much to offer this site.

My wife gives me hell for being "rude". I have told her time and time again, I'm not rude.............I'm a *****!

But anyway, I want all to know(many newtits.......er I mean newboobs) that I jest, joke, make fun, put down, ridicule(sp? oh f'it) and generally try to bring you all down to my level( 3rd grade was tough).

I should ask if I have "pissed" anyone off. If so, I appologize. Bring it to my attention and I will stop.

Thanks to all who have listened, my wife should be happy now...........and I.

Management and agent for "BigAL"
Big AL
I've always been soft. Mainly below the belly button........but that is another story

OK, I get the hint.

I got it butt plugs, I'll be the way I am. If Jeff doesn't like it he can "deport" me.

The main people that concern me understand. If not..........well, steel'n their smokers just won't be the same.

Just don't want to get kicked off the best site of people that smoke pole..........er I mean MEAT. OOOOPPPSSS.

See ya in chat!
Quit being a Nancy Boy and get back to smoking! I think I need a shower after all the mushy stuff I just read... (And NOT with the likes of any of YOU schmoes either!)

Hey Big AL, dare I say, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch? haha, my point is, I think we all can use a whole lotta humor in our life. Say what you will. its all in fun and isn't it great to have friends who take it as such!! Terry
All right. Enough said, don't want to be a Nancy anymore.

Just as long as Bud knows. I look up to that turd! Anyone that can put up w/ Theresa has to be a good guy!
Hey Nancy.. you Theresa's sister? Why you always bustin her down... Get him Bud... show him who the "nice" guy is!
I'm thinking that if someone doesn't know your sense of humor and takes offense somehow then they could always PM you and strighten things out like big boys and girls.

I think it is safe to say the family here loves ya BigAl, Jason or whom ever you are this week.
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