What happened with the grill in-progress

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Feb 12, 2007
Hey DeeJayDebi, I think you had a 55 gallon drum you were making into a smoker,right? I haven't heard any more about it or seen any pictures of it. I know you are a busy person and all, but I was just being nosey. I would be so humbled if you would show some pictures of it. I was thinking of starting another grill with a 55 gallon drum too.

Your friend, Paul
you making a grill or a smoker? there is a difference. i have made smokers. remember, grilling is high heat for a short period, smoking is low heat for a long time period. i am going to put up some pics this weekend of my newest creation. my first one is in my sig.

not trying to sound like a smartazz.
Chris, sorry it took so long to get back to you. My computer decided it would get a virus and I could not shake it. Had to send it to the computer doctor and get the virus out. My Norton had lapsed and I didn't know it until it was too late.
About the 55 gallon drum. I was thinking of setting it up like the BDS smoker. It will definitly be a smoker. I know a grill is for high heat, but I was going to set it up with an electric element with a cast iron skillet for wet chips for smoke. I just wanted to see pictures of DeeJayDebi's set up and see how she was coming along with hers.
I like yours in you signature section. I bet it cooks good.

Actually I am building a smoker from a 55 gallon drum. At my sisters house. Her husband has all the welding gear I don't. It's been a series of things to keep me away. First they were fighting, but after about 4 months of driving me crazy they got a job together and are doing pretty good. He's digging foundations for a new housing development and she's operating the backhoe flattening everything out and making nice yards around the houses. He's usually laid off in the winter so we have time to do things but in summer he's really busy and to tired to play in the garage. So ... I wait until he gets laid off again I guess.

This is also WNBA basketball season. I am a season ticket holder for the CT Sun and that takes up alot of my time as well. We had four nights of Bball this week and another 4 nights next week - it all ends in August and life will get back to normal.
Thanks for answering my post. I thought you were just ignoring me,but I really didn't think about who might be building it. I was thinking your husband was doing it. Anyway you are a very smart lady and I love to read your answers to others in need. You always seem to come up with something.

Naw not ignoring you. Sometime things don't show up as a new post for some reason and I don't see them until I go to the forums section.

I'm designing building the smoker myself, but my brother-in-law has to watch because I've never done this before and he doesn't want me to hurt myself or anything (I really think he's afraid I'll hurt his welder and cutting tools) but hey all I gotta do is cringe when he says this is a stupid idea I can buy one at WalMart alot cheaper. He's right I could have bought two Chargrillers for what I'm spending on this project - but I think he's missing the point.

He says I'm to fussy! I drive him nuts drawing and planing and changing ideas around.

ugh i hate viruses. my antivirus software finds one or two everyday, it seems. my smoker in my sig smokes really great. i built a new one; with, i think, some improvements. when i get to fire it up and see how it does (heat wise) i will keep the better one, and give the other one to a guy at work.

i just wanted to make sure you knew the difference between grilling and smoking. a friend of mine calls them all "grills", even my smokers. i always correct him. he knows the difference, but just does it because it is "easier" to just say "grill" for everything.

today i scored a propane tank, with some LP in it still, for my firebox burner. tomorrow i will get the fitting i need to hook up the hose to my burner. i need to get the paint, put on the handle, assemble the smokestack, and install the thermos. for the smoke stack, i got a nice piece of stainless steel duct (4" diameter), and a piece of regular vent duct to put on top of it- to make it the length i need. pics coming up soon.
if t. edison said " screw the lightbulb i got lots of candles" we'd still be dark by now.... mother is the neccessity of invention.... and if ya build it,light it, & smoke it.... they will come a' askin' whats cookin'....
We've had tons of rain (not like texas and Oklahoma mind you). Todays the first day this month it hasn't rained. I got a nice easy smoke going!
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