what do you pay for your wood?

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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
i just found a place that i can get all of my wood needs... he has almost everthing i could want...apple,maple,cherry and oak to name a few...

all pieces cut into 16" pieces

Full cord(3 face cords) - $165.00
Face cord(8'x4'x16") - $55.00
Half face cord - $35.00
Quarter face cord - $20.00

not sure if this is a good deal as i have never bought wood just for smoking.... gonna have to build a stick burner and move soon..lol
a full cord for $165 sounds good. i get my wood for free. i go to parents house and cut mesquite from their land. i got some seasoned live oak from my bro. i have 3 pecan trees in my yard. i did buy a bag of mesquite chunks yesterday, as i don't have any seasoned mesquite right now.
Ya, that price is good teacup, do u need that much wood?
U get a stick burner and i'll hook ya up on some wood, just got a 12" round by 14' long chunk o cherry today to split and season but can get apple, oak, found some hickory lately and even some pear (when my neighbor's not looking) hell, were practically neighbors
yah Bubba were only about 75 miles from each other...

i actually got the listing off of craigslist/michigan... he has lots of wood, he will mix it up, so i can get a variety pack of sorts..lol
Hey Teacup, if your interested, i picked up some pear wood today (bradford pear tree) never used it before but i'm gonna season it and try it out this fall.
i am always interested in trying some new wood

i have never tried pear but sounds interesting

have tried peach and liked that

i should be in Grand Rapids area the weekend of the cookoff...
$165 sounds about fair, or average anyways. I would bet that you can beat that price down with trade, unless the seller is a smoker himself, and even then who knows?

You can always check with your local tree services for free wood but paying for it being cut to size and split is almost always worth it. As much as I could use the workout, cutting, splitting and stacking one cord in a day would ruin me for a week!
The wood here is silver buttonwood, sapodilla, key lime, avocado, royal poinciana, mahogany, teak, mango and other weird tropical caribbean, bahamian and african woods. Not much to burn, so I bought mine at this company. It ended up being $1 a pound for apple, but I'm eating good.

i cut my own, one of the advatages of living out in the scrub where i am we cut fire wood every year , we use a wood fired room heater at home and my mum still like her wood fired stove and water heater .
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