What do you get when you cross a Brinkmann electric with a Weber Smokey Joe?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ihdiesel73l, May 8, 2010.

  1. ihdiesel73l

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    So today was to be the big day-the day I tackled my first pork shoulder after having purchased a Brinkmann Electric Gourmet smoker at a yardsale for $20. Upon bringing it home washed everything, coated the inside with vegetable oil, etc...but never thought to plug in the element...[​IMG] Let's just say that I was not a happy camper this morning when I plugged the element in and it immediately tripped the GFI! [​IMG] What to do? Filling the bottom pan of the smoker with charcoal was not going to work because there is only one hole (for the electric cord) in the bottom. I started to eye my Weber Smokey Joe (the little one) that I use at tailgate parties and when I want to do something over charcoal instead of gas. As it turns out, as long as you take off the lid retainer the body of the brinkmann fits right over the Smokey Joe! After a quick run to Shop Rite I filled the SJ with Royal Oak lump charcoal and lit it up. Once I had good grey coals I wrapped my hickory chips in little tin foil "boats" and spritzed them with an apple cider/rum mixture. I'm on hour four of my smoke and all seems well so far. I'll post the results later tonight.
  2. rickw

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    We need pics [​IMG]
  3. jaxgatorz

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    what he said ^^^^
  4. bearcarver

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    Sounds GREAT, but Posts without Qview should begin with "Once upon a time there was........"[​IMG]

  5. acemakr

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    You guys are brutal! How 'bout cuttin' the newbie some slack?
  6. ihdiesel73l

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    Ask and ye shall receive:

    This one doesn't really tell you much besides the Brinkmann is missing it's bottom. You can barely see the legs of the SJ peeking out from underneath.

    Here with the access door open you can see the body of the SJ with the water pan resting directly on top.
  7. wingman

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    Looks like a match almost made in heaven. [​IMG] Now what we really want to seeis Qview of the smoked goods. Bring it on man!
  8. herkysprings

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    Epic quick thinking!

    Way to go!
  9. bearcarver

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    Now you're cookin' ![​IMG]

  10. jirodriguez

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    Move over McGyver! Way to think on your feet and save the day! [​IMG]

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