what can i say

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Nov 12, 2006
Saxton, Pa.
But dang it. had a nice smoke planned for today..1" pork chops stuffed with hot italian sausage, a pork tenderloin and a 4# pork loin but as it would happen i twisted my knee last night and went to the hospital this morning, just got back now i'm hobbling around on crutches so it's to late to smoke.

but i'm doing the chops and tenderloin on the grill..hope to have some pics later
Bummer, not for you but for us.....no smoke pix!

Did it happen at work or chase'n Mama 'round the house?

Hope it heals quick

Take it easy
now that blows chunks. two weekends ago, i had pork for pulling, a whole chicken, ABT's, and sausage links in the smoker- it started pouring rain so hard i got soaked before i could get in the house, and i was like 2' from the door.
well it would have been nice if it was done at work(paid vacation) but i've been having problems with my knees all my life and the doc said it might be a good time for some titanium
i had knee surgery last year. i had 60% of my medial miniscus removed out of my right knee, and he scraped the back of my knee cap (arthiritis). 16 months later, and it is bothering me again. luckily, i have 100% short-term disability at work, as i was off for 2 months.
Sorry to hear about it. It's never too late though, that's what they make flashlights for.

Hope your recovery is quick.
Sorry to hear about the knees hon. I will add a special prayer for you tonight. You just do what the doctor say and you take it easy now.

On the bright side I have a few frineds that have done the bionic knees and it's worked real well for them. Much beter than the ld style teflon and stainless!

Big Hugs!
bummer linescum.. bad knees here too,i made ya a to go plate of today's feast- turkey chicken & cheddar/provalone/jalapeno bacon wrapped fattie w/ smoked stuffing & roasted corn... wish i had a beer or 14 to offer ya.
dang gypsy sounds like you fell in love with that new smoker. i like mine too it does an excellent job but has a few pitfalls,especially the leaking, which make it tuff to hold temps in the cold blowing winter.

as far as the knee the swelling is down and i can walk without the crutches, but i look like a one legged ostrich, and that bottle of flavoring bourbon in the cupboard i know would have eased the pain but i left it alone
linescum, getting old(er) ain't all it's cracked up to be sometimes... but with modern medicine and that good bourbon you have stashed away, yer gonna be fine.

Good luck to ya', get well soon, and get that smoker fired up!
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