What a difference a vent makes....

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Original poster
Dec 22, 2006
Danville, CA
My wife and I had a couple over for dinner tonight. They brought a small (2 lb?) Tri-Tip over and instead of cooking it into a rubbery brick on an open flame I decided to slow smoke it. Because of the super vacuu-seal I have experienced thus far with my OSE (Old Smokey Electric) I decided to create a vent by placing a small wedge in the lid. Let me tell you this made a HUGE difference. Not until now did I realize how much the sealed smoker stifled the smoke and essentially turned my cooker into a steamer rather than a smoker. With the lid wedged open I had a ridiculous amount of smoke billowing out on my patio. So much so that I think I used too many wood chips. I also skipped the water soak this time as well so maybe that contributed to the immediate smoke fiesta. It also created a ridiculous smoke ring when I sliced into it, which I have never achieved. Admittedly it cooked a LOT slower and now I can see why the brisket stalls, which I had also never achieved. Regardless, it was DELICIOUS. I cannot wait to cook again with this improved method!

Oh and by the way, I know this may have helped all 1 or 2 of you with an OSE (it's not the most popular cooker out there) and for the rest of you, consider it a public announcement of a small personal victory of mine. (unlike my Chargers this past Sunday, ugh, brutal)

I'm very happy to reach the next level in smoking and can't wait to get closer to achieving perfection.

yo charger dude,

your wedge
and the outcome is way cool----

when you share your methods--
even tho i dont have your model---
i learn........

aint this place great!!!! :!:
Nice work! That's what it's all about.
Sorry about those Chargers, but Marty in the Super Bowl? Yeah right.
I'm all about the Chiefs, so I'm quite familiar with him. I miss him as a regular season coach. If KC could have traded him just for the post season, they would have been untouchable in the 90's.
ChargerPower.. it's all about the trial and error. You did good and reaped the rewards And now your new knowledge is here for all others who come behind you.. Good Find!

Keep Smokin
Thanks for the tip Charger. With my traeger I assumed I wanted it nearly sealed to keep the smoke in there, now I'm gonna open the vent/chimney and give it a try. Many thanks!

Sorry 'bout the Chargers. I planned on watching the Saints & chargers at the big dance. What a let down. I don't blame Marty, this Cameron guy calls the plays. By the way, he can't control a major @$!%$ on a punt return either. Not a Pats fan or a Brady fan either. Gotta love LT letting off some steam! Love Portis holding the mic and asking questions on the NFL channel, too...........LMAO!
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