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Nov 18, 2006
OKay it done and time for bed! 4:30 comes early and it's been getting harder hangin around this place all night!

We talked awhile back about geting one of the plastic tubes of hamburger and stuffing it. I can't remember if we ever did it but I did today.

Picture #1 Hamburger tube - the middle is stuffed with finely chopped onions, mushrooms, jalepenos and cheddar cheese. Then it's rolled in crumbled corn bread crumbs ans sprinkled lightly with Jeff's rub. Fantastic! As I had hoped the flavor of the finely chopped veggies spread through the meat with the cheese and moisture from the mushrooms. Try it - it awsome!

Picture #2 - just another split brisket

Picture #3 - just another butt

Picture #4 - just another couple of nearly done fatties for breakfast

Night night!



that do look awesome. i thought about it yesterday but went w/ loaf instead- haven't had loaf since mom was here. mom's fried chicken kicks mine but even she said my meatloaf rocks & she flew home southwest style w/ 2 fatties.... hehe. i'll have to do that this week... unit 2 has lots of catching up to do. great job debi.
Lotta fine meat there Debi! You folks will eat good for a while.
Do you vac seal it? I bought a FoodSaver V2830 yesterday at Sam's. Have not played with it yet. Figure the Buckboard will be the first to get sealed and frozen.
I passed out in my chair almost as soon as I got home from work and didn't wake up until midnight! Not as easy to pull these ca naps and go on for days as it used to be!

Smokin' -

I opened one end of the tube, I stuck my long fat spaggetti spoon in the middle and reamed it out. After it was firmly stuffed I split the plastic down one side and pinched the meat over the hole, rooled it in rub, then cornbread crumbs. It was awsome! Cheap hamburg too! $1.19/lb 70% I think.
That looks Great, some many ideas for smoke on here and so little time. I've got smokes planned out for months and then another idea comes along and screws up the plan
Guess I'll just have to write them down and draw them out of a hat
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