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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokincowboy, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Welcome to the greatest SMF on earth ask Questions read all about smokin foods and enjoy your rewards and we like pics of the Q so WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME !!!!!!
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    Welcome All!

    It sure is getting hard to keep up with all the new posters so if by chance I missed giving you a personal welcome I appologize and rest assured it wasn't deliberate!
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    I totally agree. We could spend a considerate amount of time giving "Personal Welcomes". So to all new members ...

    [​IMG] Welcome to the SMF [​IMG]
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    Evening chaps and chapesses,
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Live in Glenisla, Scotland. Stopped eating supermarket meat 5 years ago, eat what I shoot, scrounge, blag, pick as road kill. Eat chicken rarely as it's slow to rear here, venison is the main constituent of our diet and I'm looking for info on how to cold smoke and cure venison haunches to something like a Parma ham.
    I'm a reasonable cook, well nobody died from it, yet! and I've got some good recipes. The best one if for a for end of a lean rib of beef (going to try this with a haunch of venison next weekend).
    Get a nice lean two rib joint, leave the bone in. Get a blow torch, season the meat and give it a good blast with the torch browning it all over. This is important to kill any bacteria on the surface of the joint and to help with the flavour. Chuck it in an oven at 50C (not this is centigrade not Fahrenheit) for 24 hours. when you take it out slice into 4 steaks give a quick brown each side, and serve. The meat will be the most beautiful even pink colour, with no juices leaking (everything being absorbed by the meat) and the most yummy tender steak you've ever scoffed.
    Warning, don't try this with rolled joints and cleanliness is absolute or you will die from the most appalling food poisoning going, eye's of needles and very loose bowels at 100 yards spring to mind.
    Warm regards
  5. catfish

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    JUST WOW. then end really caught me off guard
  6. crandart

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    People forget that life has and is risk. Without risk it becomes a tad dull. The important thing is you control the risk, and not let A N Other, Wallmart, Tesco etc control the risk, because those creatures hide the true risk of cheap food. Thats why we have BSE, salmonella and all the other food scares going.
    Sorry about the soap box, but here in the UK we're seeing the immediate effect of hypermarkets on our food supply as we're a small country the effects will come through more quickly.

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