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Smoke Whisperer
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Jun 28, 2005
Tulsa, OK

Allow me to welcome you to the greatest forum online! Here you will have the opportunity to learn and to teach, to ask questions and and to answer them. It will be a give and take situation and that is a good thing.

This is a much larger forum than the Yahoo forum some of us have been used to for the past year and has hundred of features that may or may not interest you but they are there nonetheless and available for your use.

Feel free to explore the site and try the features.. be sure and let me know if you find any problems or have a good idea for a new forum or category or any suggestion at all.

I am always on the lookout for good moderators, if you genuinely believe that you are moderator material then send me an email telling me about yourself and why you feel that you would make a good moderator for the smoking meat forum.

All considerations are solely at my discretion however, I promise to treat each with fairness and all due respect.

Once again welcome to the smoking meat forums I look forward to meeting you there!
I think you are the first one... congrats! I am definitely thinking of brisket, doritoes and plenty of other goodies. I got my smoker back today from th shop just in time for the holidays.
You know that is a great idea...

I was thinking earlier today that I should have done a promotion like the first 5 signups get a prize or something.

I tell you what...

I am going to send members 2-5 their choice of either the sauce or the rub recipe since you were definitely the first one I am sending you both recipes as you requested.

See I am such a great guy today and in a great mood too!

They are on the way soon...
Just wanted to say congrats Jeff!!! I have found a new obsession in smoking meat... and it is all your fault! My wife thanks you for it :lol:

Happy 4th!!
Happy Smoking Everyone!!

Glad I could be of service, Patrick :roll:
Well...I suppose since I'm a new member I should post a "Hello All" in here.... :shock:

I feel I should make a public announcement, RE: I know little or nothing about smoking meat.

Just so you know.

So don't ask me any questions or anything....

Just here to support my SWEETIE!!!!! :mrgreen:
Congrats Jeff, this is WAAAAAY better than the yahoo forum! I'm a relative newbie to the site, but have already learned so much that I've had the smoker going every single weekend with something new! I may never eat conventionally cooked meat again! Thanks to all for your helpful posts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Keep on smokin'

Best regards to all,
Brian from ohio
WOW - I hope I made the first 5 to post list.
I set up my profile, wanted to post a pic but i need to figure how to save it under the 2mb it is....hmmmm
Brand new to smoking, yesterday was my first. Prok Ribs and an 8 lb sholder for pulling. Hugh success!
Thanks to your web site for the lessons

Planning a brisket in the near future
This is FANTASTIC!!! Great job, my friend! It's good to see some familiar names around here from the yahoo site! Most of you know my signature as "Jeff in Florida". Once you get used to using this type of forum, I'm sure everyone is going to enjoy the change and options that are available.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Jeff, in making this a reality!
Thanks for the great site Jeff!!
I have been out of town all weekend and could not smoke anything. I plan to make up for it next weekend!!!

Great work
Nice forum Jeff, I'm just getting back into smoking meats after a long absence from doing it for a living. Looking forward to being part of a great family!!!

Last Sunday I smoked a couple of boneless turkey roasts and mopped them approx. every 30 min. or so with FRESH lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and fresh course ground black pepper. Even my picky eater grandson asked for more!!
Good to have you here, Earl!

Those turkey roasts sound delicious...
Hi everyone!

I just found your site on a Google search, it's just what I've been looking for! I'm a big fan of smoked meat but haven't had much success in cooking my own. I'm eager to learn this art. I'll be reading for a while, but when I've conquered that I'm sure I'll have some questions!
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