Welcome Fellow Floridians

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JckDanls 07

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Sep 10, 2011
Tampa area, Florida.
SO, I took the liberty to start a group for us Floridians, Hope y'all don't mind. Be sure to sign up for the group and we'll so where it goes from here
I need to find a GOOD picture for our Avatar, y'all can post something If you'd like and I'll check it out
Sometimes I'm in N FL and sometimes in C FL
I'm in.

I also started a South Florida Gathering Group for the planning of & exchanging of ideas for next year.

I have the northeast covere up here.
miamirick checking in from the bottom of the state

i will work on an avatar later tonight while im watching a game
Hey, can we loose the comma at the end of the group name?  Lol...

How about something like this for the avatar?:

LOL.. I was gonna put something else after the comma.. but accidently clicked submit... I can't change it now.. i tried..

Thats what I was kinda thinking of for the Avatar too.. something with Sunshine State on it.. or if somebody can make something up with our group name (Sunshune State Smokers or maybe even "SSS")..
HMMMMMM.. Looks like somebody fixed it already.. maybe Jeff or one of the Mods did...

Thx whoever did it
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