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I've been out of service for a while, and haven't been able to welcome any newbies. So I offer this generic "welcome" to all of you. Sorry for the lack of formality, but an awful lot has joined up since I last visited.
You sure you shouldn't re-introduce yourself Mobilly? :lol:

Glad to see you on here.
I'm an expat, living and working in Germany for 30 years with the US FORCES. Have gas grilled for years, first with Char-Broil, now with a 3-burner Brinkman, a very good grill. Last year bought a Kingsford barrel charcoal grill on sale, used four or five times this year, and just added a smoker box to the end this past week. Am fairly new to smoking, have a small water smoker, and have done four or five 8 pd turkeys, nothing else. Want to try a standing rib roast this weekend, using the Kingsford. Not quite sure how to use the vents - have read the smoker box vent should face the wind and be open, with the smoke stack on the main barrel half open to pull the air from the smoker box under and over the meat, which I guess I should place very close to the opening from the smoker box, correct? Or should the rib roast stand more away from the opening? Have hickory, apple, mesquite chunks and chips. Don't know which to use for the best smoked taste. Any help for this newbie would be welcome! Best from Bavaria! Rick
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