Weekend Smoke

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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Finally had some great weather for a change and fired up the general. Started off with a jd fattie and home made buttermilk bisquits for breakfast. Put on a 9lb and a 5lb tenderloin. 3 racks of loin back ribs. 1 head of cabbage, 4 pork chops stuffed with stuffing and cranberries. Mixed up some corn bread with japs in an iron skillet also mixed up some baked beans and stuck them in an iron skillet and put on the smoker. Pulled the tenderloins at 155* did a 3-2-1 on the ribs cooked the cabbage for 6 hrs and smoked the pork chops for 2 hrs. Tenderloins were great. the ribs were to soft for me should have foiled for 45 min, the chops were a little dry but good. corn bread and beans cooked 2 hrs and were great. The cabbage came out just right would melt in you mouth, only one who complained was me but I guess all cooks do sometimes.
Didnt get to take any pics this time but will next round. Figured out the pic posting heres one of yours truly with hoppin mama and 2 heathens.
Sounds like it was quite a feast!!!! I'll do you a favor and take the ribs of your hand...I don't mind if there soft
Ditto on the cabbage...gotta try it!!!
Msmith, I'm the same way. I'll smoke/cook something and hate it(pout) and the family will love it. I'm always looking for that "wow" factor. You know, when you do something perfect and alll you can say is "wow". Sometimes that is when the family doesn't like it and I do........go figure.

BTW, U R A PUNK for not take'n pics!!! What is wrong w/you!!! Get me all excited and no pics! I haven't even seen the general "work". I'm beginning to think that you are make'n this up! :) As you know I'm joke'n.

I gotta try the cabbage, I've put it in w/crawdads(boiled), and I've had it at a restaurant on a ruben. Never smoked it, gonna have to try it.
THAT IS RIGHT! On a ruben w/cabbage, not kraut(sp?). It was in Colorado, that is all I remember. College get away..................no need to explain.

But it was good....................was late at night, but I still remember it was good. Mom(the german), said I was wrong. I agreed, as Mom knows best. No use arguing w/a german mother..........who is 99% sober.............2% of the time..............I believe I'm 6' deep now............................................... ...........good bye
That was the name of Jefferson Airplane song wasn't it "Never argue with a German in the morning"?

Great looking spread Marvin. I gotta try that smoker cornbread
I luv cabbage any way you go at it.

edit - Oh by the way, that's some good lookin helpers ya got there.
Holy sheep shi** Batman!!!! Is that the loin next to the cornbread? It's bigger than the young'n standing behind it

Looks awesome Marvin
...the pic wasn't there when I posted earlier..thanks!!
NICE spread there Marvin!! I love smoking whole loins. The last time I did a whole loin, I had to ask the butcher for one. All they had in the self serve was 3-4 pound roasts. When he gave me my choice of loins, he asked what I planned on doing with it. Told him smoked pork loin and Mahogany sauce. He was surprised later when I showed up at the meat counter with 4- 1 1/2 thick slices of pork loin and 4 oz. of my sauce. I believe I heard the man's stomach growl!!

BTW-glad to see someone besides meself that still does cornbread in a castiron fry pan.
Thanks for all the compliments, we had a good time and by the end of the day I was wore out lol. Were gonna start trying a lot of diffrent things and start using cast iron cook ware in the smoker. Cant wait to use the cast iron bisquit pan and the tea kettle we came across yesterday. Seems like food taste better using a wood fire and cast iron equipment.

You can get the big tenderloins at sams club depending on how many lbs it is they usually cost $ 16 to $ 20.00 We like them better than the small ones from the grocery store. We also get the loin back ribs at sams they have more meat on them than the baby backs, they come 3 racks to the pack and usually run between $24 to $27.00 but well worth it.
Man that looks great!Looks like you had a busy day.I think I'll try the pork loin next time,I've never tried that. I have seen them at the sam's. Thats a nice spread.
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