Weekend Smoke, Large, relatively large, Butt, ABTs, Fattie, Venison Loin

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Original poster
Jun 21, 2007
This is my first post to SMF. Ive been reading over the past few months and have gather alot of great information. This is not my first smoke, I have done ribs (3-2-1) twice, second one came out much better. Pork butt a few weeks ago, fattie, jerky, and brisket (didnt turn out great).

I am gonna do a whole post with Qview included (hopefully). I am having some friends over for a picnic with some canoeing and fishing (and some brews) involved.

I am typically a griller, Ill grill anything and I feel (and other people think) that I am pretty good at it. Smoking is pretty new to me but I have enjoyed what I have made in the past with a few exceptions.

This weekend I am doing 3 pork butts (making one for someone at work as the last time I took leftovers in and ppl were in love). 2 small 1lb fatties with onion, peppers, cheese and pasta sauce. I feel that the pasta sauce takes away from the sausage taste as I feel that it can get a little overwhelming even though its so tasty. I have about 18 abts to do with cream cheese and cheddar. Also a friend is bringing a venison loin over that we will throw on with some garlic cloves, salt and pepper.

Here is my plan for the butts as I had much success with a similar recipe last time.
3 4-6lbs butts (tee hee)
rub down with mustard (had a great bark last time)
rub with store bought (usually I would make my own but Im lazy right now) Mccormick brand bbq pork rub
Smoke over apple and hickory until 160+ foil until 198 or so and then wrap in towel and put in cooler for a few hours
Last time I sprayed with oatmeal stout beer (homemade by ME), it seemed to work well but Im gonna try apple juice this time as I havent done it b4.

ABTs Ive had great success with on the grill but Im gonna try smoking them. I always get from the local grocery store and some have been hot some havent. Im really gonna make sure I scrape them good with a grapefruit spoon to reduce heat. I dont mind but the wife does.

Fatties will be straight forward.

Here are some pics of the butts and fatties being rolled.
Last time I did fattie i just rolled on parchment paper, putting in bags was 100000000 times better. I just put some EVOO in the bag and then rolled it in like 1 min. AWESOME and easy.
More Q view to come. Im going out with some friends, hey, Im only 25 gotta live it up b4 the kids start rolling in!
Im sure Ill find typing errors in this, you think working in QA would make me want to proof read my own work... NOPE.
The goal is to have everything ready for 5pm tomorrow evening.
I hope to start the butt around 2am tonight!

Peace out for now.
Man, I didnt realize how much I typed.
Oh, by the way, Im doing this on an ECB electric.

I hope she can handle all this!


welcome to the forum dj. and most of all, welcome to smoke'n great food. Toss the grill as the smoker will be all you need from now on.

Can't wait for the pics. Have a good one
Some other preping notes.

Butts will be rubbed 6 hours b4 the smoke starts.
Wood chips will be soaking for 5 hours b4 smoke starts.
I wrap in foil packs and then place next to burners.
I boil water for the pan first then add it, it goes so much faster that way.
I will be putting bacon on the fattie and sprinkling with some rub before throwing them on.
I use a Weber wireless therm to ensure safety. (Who am I kidding, I just wanna make sure its right)
Welcome to SMF, if freinds and co-workers are asking you to do food for them, your there allready. Things will only get better !!!
Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you're a man with a plan. I wish you good Q.
Welp, its 3:00 am and I have the butts on and preped my ABTs. Couple of things have gone wrong thus far.

1. Drank a few, and when I was putting the bottom rack into the smoker, the butts tiped and went into the water pan (boiling water) for about 1 min, until i figured out what to do. I pulled them out, and put some more rub on them. I hope this doesnt ruin them. I dont think it will hurt too much.

2. From coring the peppers without gloves, everything I touch burns!!!!


Alright, I know its been a few hours, 10 to be exact. Top rack butt is at 165, I double foiled it and its back on. The other 2 are at 159. I was always curious how the heat was different from the top rack vs the bottom. Now I know. Ive gonna start cooking up the veggies for in the fattie and get those ready while the other 2 come up to temp. Bark looks decent, Im sure it will crisp up once the temp goes up.

Ive been trying to slow down the cook time so its still very warm when everyone shows but opening it up more often than normal. Its extremely hot and humid today so I was worried about it not taking as long.

Im gonna start prepping the venison as well.

More pictures to come.

Yours is looking very good !!! I have had two 6 1/2 lb. butts in the smoker for pull'in since 3PM yesterday, 1 of them hit 205º a 1/2 hour ago and the other I am hoping is there in the next 1/2 hour.

General rule that applies to everything in life - The larger the butt, the more patience that is needed !!!
2:00 PM, I put some potatoes on, I think that was a mistake because Im out of room for my fattie and ABTS. I might move them to grill in a lil while. Its too hot to use the oven today.

I also put the venison loin on. I put EVOO, pepper and salt. I also cut slits in it to put about 4 cloves of garlic in each loin. Ive never done loin so far.

I am going to cook it to beef temp around 170?? Is that correct, anyone know the best temp to cook it to, medium doneness.
Ive had a hard time getting the pork up to 195 or so like I wanted. I pulled one off at 188 cause it just wasnt going up anymore. Any hints as to why?
Its a very very humid day, in the 90s.
My thoughts are I was opening it TOO much because I was worried about it getting done too quickly. Which was stupid of me now.

More pics very shortly!
Ok, its allllll done. It everything turned out great.
The tenderloin was pretty scary to cook but it actually turned out awesome! The one with cajon seasoning was a little bit spicy, not painfully but too spicy for the mean. The best was the plain tenderloin right next to the garlic clove.
Ive got a few pics Ill put up. Everything took alot longer than normal. Im going to chalk it up to the 99% humidity.




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