Weekend is here and time for the second try

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Jun 20, 2007
Hello everyone. saturday is here and the smoker has been fired up for about four hours. Smoking a 5 lb pork shoulder for the Mrs and I. I ahve spent the week reviewing everyones suggestions and recommendations. So after staying up all night waiting to fire up the smoker, it is going and think this one is gonna work.

SMoke is thin and blue, using hickory and jack danniels oak chips on hardwood charcoal. Pork rubbed down last night with mustard and rub. After three hours maintaining 240 degrees and all is well. Can't wait to tell you all it worked and enjoying it.

More to follow.
Yes,it sounds like you're doin' good!
Hope take pics so we all can see your work of art!

Sounds great and I'm sure we will be praising the results very soon. Pictures don't forget the pictures.
7 hrs into and smooking away. Meat temp 165, smoker temp 250. Looks great. Only problem is charcoal, I have had to resupply the fire box going on four times. Is this normal?

Just a little while longer till a little taste of heaven.
Fred, Your smoker looks a lot like my smoker. My smoker is a charcoal guzzling machine. I use almost an entire bag of kingsford and a few splits of pecan wood on a single brisket smoke.
Sounds like it will work, but if your not happy with it I suggest you keep trying. Half the fun is figuring out the process. I would love to smoke every weekend just to try new things.
My CG used alot of charcoal until I did a couple of simple mods to it... adding a baffle helped alot, plus extending the chimney down to the grate surface inside.

Good luck with your smoke, it is lookin' like success is on your doorstep!
Finnaly finished the smoke after 9 hrs yesterday the meat turned out darker on the outside than I thought it would. The meat thought was juicy, tender and tassssty. What a big difference from last weeks smoke. I would like to thank wveryone for thier input this week. It helped a lot in figuring out what i did wrong last week and made this week succesful. I am ready to smoke a brisket next weekend. The Mrs. went out yesterday and bought 9 lb'er. Can not wait.

Low and slow, yes it did eat alot of charcoal. A little over a half a bag. Maybe that is not too much for 9hrs of smoking. But I am interested in mods and that will be a subject for another my next post.

Attached are my starting pork shoulder photo, the smoke and finished product. Again thanks to all.



It looks great to me. I like mine a little dark myself. I'm glad to hear it worked out for ya.

Let me know what kind of mods you do to your smoker. I've been thinking of adding a propane burner in the fire box on my smoker, to cut down on the charcoal usage a little bit.
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