Weekend Fun Time

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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey fellers,just a littel fun I had this past weekend.A rack of ribs,a turkey breast,and 5# of bolonga.The apples are a different story.We have picked 8 bu. so far this year.Ive made apple sauce,apple butter,froze some for pies,and am keeping 2 bu, to fatten up the local wildlife.Have you ever heard of the movie "DEAD DEER WALKING'' ha ha,so cute, so furry,so delicious.
Hey Dac! What's with that carbouy looking contraption in front of them apples? You planning on making some apple-jack??

BTW- I like you cast iron frying pan. I have on about that same size-I keep mine on the back of the stove so I can use it every change I get. Can't remember when I last used an aluminum or stainless steel frying pan last.
Oh yea Dutch,you know it about the apple jack.Ive been making wine all summer from my grapes.That frying pan is decrotive,the damn thing is so big it takes a half an hour to get it warmed up.I do use it when we go to the mountains camping.You can make a heep of fried taters in it,or fry up a mess of trout.We use cast iron for everything in the house kitchen,wouldnt use anything else.Dave
And Cornbread not made in cast iron is just plain wrong!! In fact it should be outlawed! :D I think that Country Gravy is a must-do in cast iron too!

Man, this talk of food is making me hungry. It's a good thing it's lunch time!!
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