Weekend Catering for The Natures Conservancy

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Oct 27, 2005
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This weekend I will be cooking for a field day about brush control for The Natures Conservancy at their Independence Creek Ranch between Sheffield and Dryden. This will be Friday night thru Sunday AM. I precooked the briskets yesterday and will keep posting pics of the preparation.

These briskets were wet with Worcestershire, coated with a mixture of seasonings, and cooked about 9 hours. I just had to square the ends up so I could be sure and get them sliced across the grain.
About 50 to 60 people are expected. Friday night will be ribeye steaks and grilled chicken breasts along with baked potatoes, rolls, and all the trimmings. Cherry cobbler will be desert. Saturday breakfast will be bacon, sausage, buttermilk biscuits, gravy and plenty of campfire coffee. Sat noon is hamburgers, chips, and bread pudding w/chocolate sauce for desert. Sat night menu includes brisket, German sausage, grilled chicken, pinto beans, a mashed potato dish, cole slaw and apricot cobbler for desert. Sunday AM will be breakfast burritos for whoever is left.
All deserts, rolls and biscuits will be cooked in Dutch ovens.
Good thing it's Nature Conservancy Convention and not a PETA convention!!!

Sounds like a great menu! How many grills and smokers are you taking? You'll finished cooking one meal and firing up then next one all weekend long. Have fun and good luck.
This is what I am taking, as well as everything including the kitchen sink. This location is 60 miles from the nearest convenience store.

The brisket looks fabulous Goat .
Sounds like there will be some great eats this weekend...good luck to ya and hope ya have a blast!!!
Mighty Fine looking brisket and damn good smoke ring Goat. Those folks this weekend are gonna get some fine grub. Sounds like your gonna be very busy.
Not to worry, I have a piece of expanded metal that just fits that fire box and 2 half barrels with expanded metal grates. Attached is a pic of the half barrel. I am cooking meatballs made with ground goat for 300 in the pic.
That's a lot of meatballs! I was only kidding about the grate though...you must have a big "trailer" to haul that stuff around. (or are you having it right there at your place?) Looks like a busy and fun weekend, lots of good grub!!! I have never done any dutch oven cooking other than in the oven. Do you have a recipe on how you do your cobblers? We do "camp" fires every once in a while and that would be a nice surprise instead of s'mores or the "pies" I make using one of those camp fire cookers. Kind of like a hinged sandwich maker. Makes awesome grilled cheese, but sometimes I make them with fruit filling.
The cooking is 300 miles from my house. I have a very simple recipe for you:

1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 stick butter
2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
can of your favorite fruit, cherries, peaches, etc.
Melt butter in a 10" Dutch oven
mix dry ingredients and milk, pour into Dutch oven
pour in can of fruit, do not stir
Place a few coals on the ground and set the Dutch oven on top
Cover the lid with coals, when crust starts to brown, remove oven from the bottom coals
When top reaches the desired brown color, dump coals off the top

Since your in a sharing mood goat, mind giving me a brief rundown on your brisket method... that is one fine looking and I bet tasting brisket!!!!! Just love how the bark and smoke ring look.
Well while your at Goat how is the simplest way to smoke a whole goat. Do you do them the same way as a whole pig or is there a better way of doing it. I know they have to be done a certain way not to be stringy. The reason Im asking is because I want to do a whole one and cook it so its eatable. I have a source to have one delievered to me and ready for cooking. I would appericate any advise you have.
Boy Goat with briskets lookin like that and a cherry cobler too their gonna be following you home! I would if you weren't so darned far away!
Attached is a pic of half the hand cut rib eye steaks. My version of Hot & Sweet pickles also. This batch is dill w/4 lbs sugar, 10 serrano peppers, 2 heads of garlic, and 2 tablespoons of Konriko Jalapeno Seasoning.

I wet the brisket with Worcestershire sauce. Then I coated it with a rub, 1/2 Jerry Baird's Brisket seasoning (see my links page on web), and 1/2 Texas BBQ Brisket Rub (Google). If you go back to my first post you can see how I cooked it. I foiled it when I removed it from the pit and placed the briskets in a cooler for about 2 hours. I then refrigerated them until the weekend.
The only way I have cooked a whole goat is underground. I have seen whole pigs cooked several ways, so I do not know what your method is. I do know that a pig will baste itself and a goat is very lean, thus needs to be cooked very slow and low. I really like to cook goats that have been fed and weigh over 100 pounds. They have enough fat on them to cook good.
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