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wedding party


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Hey yall. I dont post much but i do alot of reading and im needing some advice. Ive been tasked with smoking a massive 19lb boston butt for a wedding party
(to be honest i didnt know boston butts got that big haha). The party is saturday night so with that being said how should i approach cooking such a big piece of meat? Ive smoked plenty of butts but never one that big. Normally i would smoke at around 275 until the IT was where i wanted to pull it and shred it. What temp would yall smoke it at so its done on time? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks yall.


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A good leg ham is 20#, shoulders just don’t get that big. A whole front shoulder, butt, picnic and hock, 15#, maybe.


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As has been said it almost has to be two butts probably sealed in one package and they are shoved together so as your brother doesn't know there's two in the package.
As for how to smoke them I would smoke them the way you normally do I would also smoke them ahead of time so there is no way something can go wrong and mess up his wedding. Pulled pork reheats very well in fact some of us think it's actually better reheated. What I personally would do is smoke them as normal then after resting them 1.5-2 hours I would go ahead and pull/shred them. If you smoke them just a day or two before the wedding you can put the meat into disposable aluminum pans with lids or just put foil over the top to seal it. Day of wedding you have choices as to how to reheat it you could use the smoker or oven or crock pots. I would uncover the pan add some finishing sauce, or apple juice, or save the juices when you smoke them defat it and add it back into the pans.
The last thing you'd want is something to go wrong day of the wedding and you not have stuff ready to serve on time. This would also free you up a little if you are making any sides like Dutch's wicked beans or Smokin Peachey's Peach beans. Might even free up some smoker space if you use an oven or crock pots.


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Sorry yall i should have looked before asking the question. It ended up being two butts instead of 1. It turned out great though. Thanks for your responses!

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