We Won!!

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Jul 14, 2006
Entered my first comp this weekend with a guy i work with, just a small town bbq cook off, non sanctioned but followed kcbs rules and judging standerds, only 7 teams but they all had lots of experience smokeing for various occasions and one guy that was on a team that placed at Memphis in May.
Beef #1( Brisket)
Poultry #2 & #4
Pork #4 (butt,ribs,loin)
Fish #2 (never cooked a fish before) salmon

I have learned so much here just reading the posts and asking a few questions. THANK YOU to all of you.
congrats .. that awsome .. small or not a W IS A W..
It was very rewarding, this is a lot of work, the guy that cooked with me had never done any real smokeing before and was still a great help. Met many new freinds and have memerys that will last a life time.
Had the camera but i'm not much of a picture taker so did'nt get many, probly the closest thing to Q-view is one of my dots feeden their faces.
This was also a huge learning session,not that it will make me better, it just gave me alot of things to think about , and hopefully i can share what i learnt with you folks.

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