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Discussion in 'Fish' started by matts, May 24, 2010.

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    I smoked up a couple Steelhead fillets yesterday from Sam's and tried something I normally don't do.  I usually don't put water in the smoker when doing fish but for some reason I did yesterday.  I think I was more or less just playing with the smoker and seeing how it reacted with a big tin of water compared to the small pan that came with my Smoke Vault.  One thing I noticed is that the fished took forever to cook.  Usually at the 190-200 range, it takes around 3 hours.  Last night I hit the 4 hour mark and ended up turning up the heat because I wasn't even close.  Was this because of the water?  I filled up a foil turkey pan full of water and even tho is did seem to help with heat recovery, I think I screwed myself on the actual smoke.  I know it makes sense, for fish you basically want to remove some of the moisture, so why add it to the smoke.  But was that the case?

    BTW, I did finally reach a pinnacle on this smoke thanks to this forum.  I have always been a more smoke the better kinda guy and never really had any issues with taste.  So I never bothered soaking chips and so on.  But I did have to contently keep adding chips over and over again.  Yesterdays smoke I decided to soak the chips and try and control the smoke.  I reached what I think ideal TBS should be instead of ThickBS.  Flavor was still great and I didn't have to add chips nearly as much as I usually do. Thank SMF.

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