Watch your fat or your dog might get it

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
Yesterday I got our first hog and I asked the skins for making dog treats. Well I have to say they take a long time to make. Any ways over about the 14 hours about 3-4 cups of fat have dripped off the skin into my catch container. That just stays under my grill well I pulled a chew off the smoker to see how my dogs liked it and Mongo enjoyed it a lot. So I go to get the leg of lamb for todays meal and next thing I look at Mongo and he has gease on his head. I look at the smoker and my catch container is now almost empty. Yea my dog liked it so much he wanted it all even the fat. Lucky he only ate what as cooled and solid.

At least I know he will be regular for the next few days. I do not think it should harm him though. It is all natural and nothing in there to harm him. I just thought it was funny. BTW after about 20min he is still licking his chops. :roll:
And just think how shiny his coat's going to be!!

Dad would always take the pan drippings from browning ground beef or sausage and pour it over the dry dog food for Mom's Poodles and my German Shepherd. The Vet would always comment one how great their coats looked.
When it rains don't be surprised if the water runs off his back like a duck's. :lol:

I trim out the hard pocket of fat off briskets and cook it for the dogs and they love it.
Like Dutch's dad, I used to pour any leftover fat on my shepherd's dry food and also a 1/2 cup of soybean oil every day. Why soybean oil? It contains lineac and linoleac acids and lecitin. The first 2 are amino acids typically absent from dog food and essential for their coats and skin. LOL, I found out the hard way about soybean oil by paying 40.00 at Petco for a 1/2 gallon of "Shed Stop" only to discover that it was just soybean oil which you buy at the supermarket for 8!

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