Wanna See My Loins?

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Jul 11, 2006
West Central Illinois
Christmas comes tomorrow at our house
I have the meat ready for a noon meal
Now to opening the gifts with grandkids.
Always a wonderful experience, since they are on their best behavior


Used two rubs…one for the guys….and one for the gals


The Masterbuilt is in the thin blue groove


stopped heat at 160*….continued unassisted to 165*….then they were done


Some of Dutchâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Mahogany Sauce to top things off.

I ate the sample for the photo….TERRIFIC !! :? :) :D :P

Merry Christmas to all :!: :!:
That looks like all the holidays rolled into one...looks fantastic..could have eaten my laptop screen, with those pics. Thanks
Coz's dumb question of the day.How do you guys get the keyboard clean after it is full of drool??????That looks mighty nice.
On the side as there are diverse tastebuds in the family.

One was rubbed with my butt rub and the other with just salt, pepper, garlic, onion.

The vote was for the pepper rub but then we have always loved a peppered loin here.
Loins look great, Illini and even better with my mahogany sauce! :mrgreen:

Nice shot of the thin blue, too.
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