Wally World 3405BGW

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I got my Big Block delivered from Amazon, & it came without a scratch on it.. Amazing Amazon.... Now I want to purchase the smaller version GOSM 3405BGW from Walmart for my son, but I notice it doesn't have any vents at the bottom on the sides, only one at the top for smoke.. Will this work OK as is, or should I modify it & put vents at the bottom...
Will season my smoker tomorrow..
Johnny, congrats on the big block and hope you have many a good smoke with it. Hear alot of people really like that one. You mentioned a smaller one from Wally World and from all the talk about using gas i am giving it a thought. But from the looks of the Big Block it is way too big for what i am usually smoking. So if you would be kind enough to pass on your opinions of the smaller gas smoker and i'll for sure read other threads that pop up here.

johnnyo, I use the 3405 BGW and have not had to modify it with lower vents, nor have I had any problems with the unit. My opinion is that it is a good mid-sized gas smoker.

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I have the one from walmart. It does a good job i smoke 3 or 4 chikens at a time and put them in the freezer. The vent in the top is all it needs it pulles air from the bottem around the burner. I highly recomend it. I can smoke 4 to 5 times on a tank of gas. That is a 6 to 8 hour smokes at a time. Hope this helpes you.
I like the other half of the fun... smoking. Less time tinkering... more time eating. Somewhere down the road I'll put a woody out there with the gasser so I have something to cuss.

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Sounds like you decided to put it together and give er a test run johnnyo....so much for loading up a clean smoker...lol..just think your trailer will smell great for the drive up north
Yup, just couldn't resist a test run.. Figured it might still be too cold once I get home to fire it up.. Besides I convinced the Mrs. that we needed Jerky to chaw on the trip.. It's aired out pretty good , but heck it's a rather pleasant smell, err I mean Aroma.. Tempted to make another batch, but it's too close to leaving time.. Can't wait to set it up at home.. (if the snow is gone)
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