Voldka Choked Cherry Ribs

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    I came across this recipe and it sounds great. Thought i would share it. Keep in mind, I have never tried it as of yet.

    Vodka-Chocked Cherry Ribs
    4 Full slabs Spareribs
    1 8 ounces Bag Leggs Hot Italian sausage seasoning-1 cup cane sugar-1/2 cup hot chili powder
    2 cups water-6 chicken bouilion cubes-1 cup olive oil-1/3 cup balsamic vinegar-Remaining rub
    40 ounces Yoshida's spicy wing and rib sauce-1/2 pint chockcherry syrup-1 cup marchiono cherry juice with Vodka; (3 shots)-1 7 oz can El Mexicano, Chipotle Adobada-- peppers in sauce1 cup grated onion White2 tablespoons ground Dry MustardBrought to a simmer on stove then let sit overnight. Reheated and brushed on ribs 3 times last hour of smoke. Serve remaining sauce as dip for ribs. Rubed olive oil over ribs then generously coated ribs with the rub reserving some of the rub. Wraped in plastic and refrigerated for 30 hours. Smoked the ribs at 235F over Mesquite wood mopping every hour or so

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