Vman's Salmon THIS is incredible

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    Using canned - well - It'll ruin it.


    This is SOOOO GOOOD !
    I make this at home all the time. Even my kids love it.
    I have made it at Tailgates and it disappears immediately.

    NOTE: When making for tailgates you can premix the Rice Wine Vinegar, Chili Oil and Soy Sauce but bring to room temp before tossing w Sprouts and Chives for the Fish Topping.
    ALSO NOTE: Chili Oil needs refrigeration after opening or making.

    Fresh Salmon Fillets - Size of your preference
    Pistachio Nuts - Shelled or you shell, then Mortar or (Food process into little chunks)
    Sriracha Sauce ( it has the "rooster" on the label)
    Chili Oil - purchased or homemade (recipe on foodnetwork.com)
    Rice Wine Vinegar
    Soy Sauce
    FRESH Bean Sprouts - From the Vegetable section
    Fresh Chives. - (cut into 1/4 - 1/2" Pieces)

    Remove Skin from Salmon Fillet
    Remove “dark meat” from Salmon fillet - (midline on back)
    Rub fish with Sriracha Sauce Coating BOTH Sides (wear plastic gloves)
    Roll Fish in Ground Pistachio nuts To cover both sides well(use a Mortar and Pestle or Food Processor to grind nuts)

    Pan Fry Crusted Fillet in a TBSP or Two of Olive Oil to desired doneness and place on serving plate.

    WHILE FISH IS COOKING prepare the Fish Topping:
    In a Small Bowl Mix: ( Per 1 Lb of Fish Fillet )
    1 TBSP Chili Oil
    1 TBSP Rice Wine Vinegar (White)
    1 TBSP Soy Sauce
    1 TBSP of Fresh Chives
    1 Hand Full of Fresh Bean Sprouts ( NOT CANNED )


    I serve this with a bed of Wasabi Mashed Potatoes.

    Final Note: Thinner Fillets will cook on Med Hi heat about 1-2 minutes per side. Steaks will run 2-3 min per side depending on thickness.

    Just make your favorite Mashed Potatoes.
    I usually Make them from Raw Taters but have found Idahoan Brand of Instant Flakes to be quite tasty.

    Once yer taters are made:
    Add about a Tsp of Wasabi Powder for each serving.
    Mix Well.
    Add Salt and Pepper to taste
    Add Garlic Powder to taste
    Mix well again.
    Top it off with a pat of butter.
    Oh Yeaah.
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    I've had pecan crusted grouper before and that was good.....this sounds like it could make for a fancy dinner. Thanks VMan!!
  3. richtee

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    Where's the smoke/grill?

    Interesting sounding tho...
  4. Richtee Rich, my smoker and BBQ is on my back deck covered kitchen area. (grins)

    Heck that is a great recipe, cook it like you want it........you want the guy to come over and light your charcol or turn your propane on for you too? [​IMG]
  5. richtee

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    Heh.. I'm just sayin'... Hey... I use an OVEN for gawd's sakes!
  6. bwsmith_2000

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    Sounds like a great recipe! Thanks for sharing it. Just might give it a try this weekend.
  7. Grins, Richtee, oven spelled backwards is Nevo. [​IMG]
  8. Stay tuned for Q-vue, we're doing this recipe on some King Salmon tonight.
  9. abelman

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    This sounds very good and I think a few around here might try some mods...Thanks VMan !!
  10. man oh man oh man, I have salmon recipes that are good, but this one (with my few custom mods) scored an awesome 9+ stars out of 10.
  11. supervman

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    Brother you knocked it out!
    Recipes are just a guide.
    Isn't that good? Try rubbin it w a little of that Sriracha. Or did ya? First pic looks pretty reddish.
    Nice Q Vue too !

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