Vintage recipe book

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May 2, 2007
my mother gave this to me, belonged to my grandma, check out the date on it.

wow nice find my wife has a bunch of cook books some are old ... (my oldest is in stone and it says kill meat start fire cook meat over smoke) only joking... but nice find my wife would love to look through that one
Nothing like good old vintage!!! Speaking....MY BIBLE showed up today!!! Yup, that being the greatest sausage making and meat curing book, by Rytek Kutas (rip.....passed away last december, his brother finished up this last revision) it was finally published last friday!!!
I had to dig around and find this book again. I got this at a second hand store.

so we can really compare notes now
what all does it have in it anything different from todays cooking? mine does, i have alot of pages up loaded to image shack from the book,

the one thing on making beef soup is after cutting off the meat you would crush up the bone and add it to the stock, what the hell beef bones are thick man you would have to have a sledge hammer to crush a beef bone i guess thats why in old movies there picking out the bones from there stew.
That's great guys. My wife has an original White House Cook book from 1887. I'm not allowed to touch it as it's been in her family since new. It's not even allowed to be in the light. Someone once told her that light deteriorates them, and since then it's been in total darkness. What's the point of having it if I can't enjoy it?!!!
Most soup bones nowadays are cut into managable pieces so you don't need any special tools.

And yes, the stock recipe says to break-up the bones and remove the marrow. I prefer to remove the marrow after poaching for a few minutes, then have a delicious snack.
In North America, paper made after a certain date was acid-based. Before that date, paper was alkaline-based. Acid-paper has a life expectancy of 90(?) years or so. It becomes brittle and will disintergrate when handled. The edges will fall apart even when not handled. Alkaline-based paper has no such problem, just handle carefully.

If your wife's book is still in "one piece", it's "safe". But you need to control the humidity as well. The book is still prone to rot. Please set up camera to take pictures of the entire book, without using a flash. I think scanning it would damage the binding and the excessive handling would damage the book. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.