Very juicy butt what did I do right?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
I just gone done pulling my 9lb pork butt and to my shock it was very juicy. I have never had a butt have this much before and I am not sure what I did.

I fallowed the resipe file we have for Johnnys Pulled pork and today I put is on my new double barrel smoker at around 9 and pulled it off about 9:30 tonight when it hit 198. I did the brine and the rub and just put it on the smoker and every few hours sprayed with the mix of water the apple juice. I did not even flip or foil it on the smoker.

When I pulled it off the smoker I put it in foil and let it sit in it for about an hour. To my shock the botton the foil had a lot of juice at the bottom of it. So I started to pull. The pork was not dry at all. By the time I got done I had about a cup a juice at the bottom of the foil.

What I am not sure of is how I got this so well. I really do not need the pulled sause it is all ready how I like it for moisture it even has a little more then needed so that will be good for warming it up tomarrow.

Would the better result be from using strait wood or would it be because it is on a lager smoker with more even heat it just did better. I have to say I am very please with this and the pork has a great taste. It has a little larger smoke line then my old setup but the meat just have a very good sweet taste and the pork its self has a good flavor.

I just want to make sure I repete what ever I did. I am just not sure what I did.
Congratulations! Sounds like a good smoke…maybe you can figure what you did wrong in the past (if anything). That extra juice is nice to have, but as far as the finishing sauce, I like it for the snap the vinegar gives, because that rub canâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t get all the way to the middle of the meat, and sometimes the meat can be a little bland in the middle, yâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]now?
Glad to hear your butt came out so well. I am with Carl on the finishing sauce, heck I am tempted to put it on cereal. That is good stuff. Seriously, when I pull my butts I usually sprinkle in a little more rub and add finishing sauce to kick things up a little.

You might be right on that. The one thing that was very different on this compared to my old Brinkman Pitmaster Pro even with the mods is that I did not have to check the meat as often. Becasue this new one cooks so much more even I did not have to touch the meat to move it or adjust it like I had to do with my old one when I had large peices of meat on it.

This is one thing when I started to think what I was doing wrong before that all of a sudden that hit me. I just had to adjust for how my old one cooked and with this one being more even and I can see how smoke and heat is being distributed just by watching the stacks. If I see more blue smoke coming out of some stack then the other I adjust my dampaners to get it more even. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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