very happy newbie

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Original poster
Mar 18, 2006
I am very excited to have found this forum and related website. I spend every weekend at our camp and while the wives and kids are hanging out at the beach or pool, the guys spend the day listening to tunes drinking beer and cooking and preparing the evening meal. We have a great time, I am looking forward to learning and be coming a good smoker. I am very new to this and will be be trying alot of the forums ideas.Ihave read many posts and the thing that shows the most is how you all treat each other wiyth kindness and respect ----------- very impressed.
'laker, Welcome friend, great to have you with us. Ask what you don't know, share what you do and make yourself at home.
Faunlaker glad to see you here,smoking is an art.Most of all when smoking take your time and let the meats smoke.Some meats take hours to do and need a lot af attention which is a great excuse to sit around with good friends and consume mass quanities of beer.I have drank many a hunk of meat into a wonderful delight of a meal.
Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums faunlaker. Like Dacdots said, smoking is an art and indeed, take your time learning. You'll eat some mistakes before you get it right and you'll know when that magic moment happens. Your friends and family will "ooh and awe" you new found skill.
Welcome faunlaker. Sure glad you found us here at smoking meats. I'm sure you'll find yourself feeling like part of a new found family in no time, I know I have. Can't wait to hear from you in other posts and make sure to share all your adventures in your new found hobby. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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