vertical UDS gasser (or charcoal)

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by guvna, Jun 18, 2009.

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    i've started a project and took some pics. what we've got here is essentially a giant ecb. i was taught to go with what works and don't bother to try and reinvent the wheel. "evolution, not revolution"... that sorta thing - i guess. whatever, here are the pics!

    first i burned it out with a harbor freight propane torch, then i cut a hole in the bottom of it to the spec of my ecb.

    then i cut the access doors out. it's going to be a triple decker.

    i was going to try and weld flashing to the door "cut-outs" but i realized i had the lid and drum bottom just sitting there! that was plenty of metal left over for three doors, sans flashing.

    i bent the doors by hand with a regular ol' vice. suprisingly, i was able to bend them correctly in just a few minutes.

    the only thing left is to mount the hardware and fit the lid. BTW, i was planning on making a cut to the lid every few inches and fanning it out. does anyone have a better idea?

    i've got proper wheels for it with angle-iron legs. the drum dolly is not part of the finished product. this way i can wheel it right over my afterburner when my ecb can't handle the weight.


    run charcoal too! simply park whatever smoker you want, over what ever fire pan you choose!
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    Sweet. Like your evolution! Get r done.
  3. guvna

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    thanks! i might mount the doors tonight, i'll post pics if i do.

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