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larry maddock

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Sep 27, 2005
my honeys son in law, has a processed by butcher, whole deer ,in the rent a freezer space from butcher store.

we have set up a deal where he will pay my honey in venison for
baby sitting his kids .

this is a win/win situation for me.

shes watches them a lot already.---at there house.

so anyhow---what cuts do i want for grinding and making sausage.
if its like any other animal --most folks say the shoulder.

its time for a order to one of my two favorite supply stores.
what pre packed saesoning might i want to buy??

i will probably do small batches--maybe 15 to 20 lbs total.


Larry,any of the meat will do for grinding but I wouldnt grind the loin, its to good to eat just as it is.One note you will have to add fat,pork fat if possible at a rate of 20 to 30 % fat and the rest lean meat.If you dont add any fat you will have a very dry product as deer doesnt have much fat in it.As for the seasoning mix thats up to you,breakfast,summer,etc.Some of the mixes you buy are kinda mild,you might want to fry a little up after you season it to see if its to your liking.You can always tweak it a little to get the taste you want.
Pretty much ditto on what Dave said. When Ben and his buddy get deer we do the processing ourselves to save on money and we grind everything but the loin and a couple of roasts (we grind everything if it's an older buck). I don't have a recipe but I know that the summer sausage that's made from those deer is absolutly wonderful. Hope it all turns out well.
Meathead, Thanks for sharing your recipe link. I also took a gander at you smoker page. That's quite a unit you built for yourself~awsome job!! Great shots of your ribs and briskets! You ought to share those pixs here in the forum
i will make 5 lbs of summer sausage as
lady j got me hungry for some.

i will use meatheads summer #2 recipe
from the link he sent.
man does it seem so easy,

it will probably be a month before i get the venison
so i have plenty of time to decide what else
to make
thank you!!
i usually dont add any fat.
i will take your advice.

i also find that store bought seasonings need a increase of 35 to 50 % ,per lb.

this is for my taste.
i like spicy!!
that doesnt mean -just add cayenne.

thank you!
Hey Larry,Im with you on the fat,I hate to use it cause I know its not good for you but without it the sausage turns out so dry most of the time.The way I tweak my seasonings is by letting my mom sample the sausage,shes 81 years old and grew up on homemade products.Even at her age she still likes it spicey.
Larry if you have not made any before an other thought is to go to your sporting goods store and find a mixture package from High Mountain. It is nice becasue it has the casing, cure and spices all pre-measured out for 15 pound batches.
Hi Guys,

I am no longer a hunter. I put my guns away in 1968 because I didn't have the heart to pull the trigger any more. My son hunts though, I taught him at an early age to both respect the weapon and the animal he hunts.

I have made venison sausage many times, and the one thing that I have seen from the recipes you see online is sage as a spice to use.

Sage is great if the sausage is going to be a fresh sausage and you cook it right after you make it. If you make a bunch of it and plan on freezing it afterwards, I have found that the sausage turns bitter with sage added after a month or so. I don't know why this happens ,but it does.

As others have said, extra fat must be added as venison is very lean. Bacon, beef suet, pork fat from the belly all help this meat remain moist when cooked.

If you like 'Slim Jims', venison is a great meat to use to make a snack that is both delis and healthy at the same time.

If asked, I will be glad to supply the receipe for 'Trail Snack'

i cannot get this link to work.  what am i doing wrong

Well, this thread was started way back in '06. Since then we had a huge site crash and a move to a new systems provider. It could be that the original info was lost in the crash, the info didn't transfer with the site upgrade or the site that the original link points to is no longer valid. My guess is the original link is no longer valid.
Hey Maddock,i'm an avid wild game hunter and butcher all of my own meat.I always grind the whole deer into hamburger meat,especially if it's a buck in rut!The best meat on a deer is of course your tenderloins and backstraps which i use to keep but i grind the whole works in to burger now.Off of a average size deer by the time it's cut youre lucky to get 25-35lbs meat if cut right.All of the fat and tallow must go on a deer as it makes your meat taste extremely gamey!My theory is straight red meat with deer.i use a 60% deer to 40% pork trimmings mix i find makes for a great moist sausage mix. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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