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    no pic's but thought i'd share a tasty flounder--or any white flesh fish recipe we had tonight for supper and it turned out pretty darn good
    started with 1.5lbs fluke or flounder depending where you are from
    wich was four decent sized fillets.
    started buy chopping up some green onion "scallion " scunions every body calls them suntin probably 1/8th cup....diced up some roasted red peppers
    same amount as onions a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic , some fresh thyme , a lil coarse ground black pepper put this all in a 1gl glass bowl dumped 1/2 bottle homestyle ranch dressin in mixed well added fillets fridged for 1 hr . placed them on one a those circular mesh thingers layed thin slices of fresh tomatoe on each fillet and grilled in the high 200's for maybe 15 to 20 mins.....these were awesome if i thought i was out to do what i did i would have had some qview sorry.....
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    jerkyaddict, that does sound good....thanks for the recipe, I'll give it a try.
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