Vegans shun sex with carnivores says researcher

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Tue Jul 31, 2:20 AM

WELLINGTON (AFP) - They say you are what you eat, and growing numbers of vegans are shunning sex with meat-eaters because they see them as "a graveyard for animals", a New Zealand researcher says if these vegans not only refuse to eat meat or animal products but refuse to have sexual contact with meat-eaters because their bodies are made up of dead animals, the researcher was reported saying in The Press newspaper on Tuesday.

Annie Potts, co-director of the New Zealand Centre of Human and Animal Studies at New Zealand's Canterbury University, said she coined the term vegansexuals during her research.

She discovered the vegansexuals while interviewing 157 vegetarians and ethical consumers for a study.

"It's a whole new thing -- I have not come across it before," said Potts.

One vegan said while she found non-vegans attractive, but would not want to be physically close to them.

"I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance," she said
I guess I am a coupla bricks shy of a full load, I just don't get it, I didn't go to the link.
Those folks FOR SURE would not want to be around me.
Anyone who has not experienced smoked ribs, butt, chicken, armadillo, just knows not of what they speak. And it would benefit them not to speak to me.
Well if it's based on "You are what you eat"... who wants to have sex with a garden salad?
what if .. oh n/m.. jets just say wood toward the end.. i actually saw peta outside our mall in a red paint splattered bunny costume scaring kids @ the easter egg hunt- the hunter kids(this wasin texas) was flipping peta off- sooo cool. (i'm a big ted fan - i kill it & grill it... )
i can't really say i hunt anymore but my last kill(may)was a 15-18lb tom turk w/ a chunk a stick & hand wrung(thank the herding dog)-pics to be done this wk- it was before i had the digi camera. but a great sport is free diving(hold yer breath) spear fishing for tiger shark using a 15-30lb live blackfin tuna on your stringer as bait..... now thats a wild ride.
I'm not into hunting nearly as much as fishing, I love fishing and eating them! Never spearfished, that would be awsome. Tried noodling a few times but never did any good. Would probably have filled my pants anyways if I had got hold of one.
Now this is just crazy talk. I never got the whole premise of veganism. ESPECIALLY when the person's reasoning for it is because "it's mean to kill animals
And this has what to do with Dutch Oven cooking?

Moving topic from Dutch Oven General Information to General Discussion.
So if they will not "get intimate" with those that eat meat and there are fewer of them then there are of us, if I do my math right that means there will be even less of them because they will not be reproducing thus before long they will be history
Think about it.....

With the exception of some wild game, like bear, every other animal we eat is a vegan!

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