Using a WSM to smoke jerky

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by pierce652, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. pierce652

    pierce652 Newbie

    I was wondering if anyone uses a weber smoker to smoke thier jerky and if so what kind of setup do you have? Pics would be nice.

    I found that pizza screens fit perfectly in the round smoker and allow for layout of the jerky in the house and easy transport to and from the smoker.

    A hotplate in the bottom of the smoker with a small cast iron pan to hold chips and the cord exiting through the access door is my setup.
  2. smokin' dick

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    When I smoke jerky in the WSM, I jab a tooth pick through one end and hang down from the top rack. The charcoal is laid out in the shape of an S and temps run about 150*. The pizza screen idea is a good idea too cuz when it's 30* outside my fingers get really cold from picking the jerky out of the brine.
    I suppose just laying the meat on the cooking racks would work too, but more fits in the smoker when the meat hangs. Just MHO.

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