Using A Meat Tenderizer

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Here I sit, planning my next big smoke out, and my question is this, I have a 16 blade meat tenderizer and if I run this thing over my meat poking hundreds of little holes in the meat, would I be helping, or harming my meat?
I use this on my porkchops when I GRILL over hot coals and it makes a wonderful tender peice of meat
, I also use a 2 part ( wet/dry ) Marinaide

WELL? , you guys are the pro's, so please let me know what you think.

Just my $.02...but don't do it...doing low and slow...ya want to keep all the juices in the meat....not create a niagra falls and have a piece of dried up shoe leather...don't'll get enough of a smoke flavor without the pincushion approach...
I have the same kind of tenderizer that I use for meats I grill. I don't see a need for it when smoking, everything always comes out so tender!
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