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Aug 19, 2007
I have a few minuted left of a 3-2-1 for ribs. When I took the ribs out of the wrap the temp was near 158-160. Well, since they have gone backin unwrapped the temp of the ribs has fallen to about 145-148. Why is that? And do I need to wait till the temp is 172 or should I just take them out after the 3-2-1 is over? Please help!!!! Thanks
I could never really get a good temp. on ribs. I usally take them off when the meat has pulled back around 1/2 from the bottom of the bone. Hope this may help you a lttle. The 3-2-1 method has always workedfine for me.
i never measure temp on ribs. i just smoke them for 5-6 hours unwrapped.

when you pulled the thermo out, you could have put it back in in a different spot. is it against bone? or in fat? that will make a misread. also, when pulled out to unwrap, the temp can drop a few degrees.
Chris_harper is right about the temp dropping a few degrees when you remove the foil. It's like feeling the difference when you remove a blanket that is covering your body.
At the risk of getting yelled at I say this: you are wasteing your time trying to get an accurate temp on ribs.

The meat is almost always too thin, and the bones are too close.

Save that for a brisket, butt, roast...almost anything else, but ribs are an art of the eye and experience.

Watch your temp and look for the meat to pull off the bone.
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Reading temps on Kansas city style ribs is much harder than St. Louis cut ribs. The St.Louis style have that large "flap" meat at the bottom which does give a fair measure of temp in a fairly thick part of the rib. St. Louis style is hard to cook even but I like the amount of meat.

John D.
Deb, I think Mike and some of the people are in Oklahoma this weekend christening the new baby of Okie's. Probably don't have a puter, or the dove hunt and adult beverages have taken over.
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