Updated the Time and Temperature Chart

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Nov 18, 2006
Hello Fellow Smokers -

The time and Temperature Charts



Thanks a much for the chart. Printed it and put it in my "Smokin Notebook". Will help out tremendously! Thanks again for the work.
Debi, thanks for updating this cooking chart and sharing this with us. I've made this a *Sticky* so that it doesn't get buried.
Thank you very handy to have. I have to find away to print this off, laminate it and attach it to the smoker. Just afraid the smoker will melt it and the weather will mistreat it if I don't laminate it
Hi All -

Just letting you know I had a typo on the time-temperature chart that brother Carl let me know about and I fixed it. The time was WAY off on the pork loins! I've added a date so we know which is the lastest version.

I don't have any info on things like steaks, big fishes or shell fish. Can you smoke things like say a lobster or crabs? I'm alergic to shellfish so I can't even touch the critters, but I know people that eat them really love them.

Also does it take longer or the same amount of time to do venison or bear and other such wild life? I will add them to the chart if you give me the info.

Time and Temperature smoking chart is now up to three pages got some new info from a friend who just published his 3rd smoking book!

last updated 04/11/2007
... as kind of a visual and taste guide? That might just work!
Hi Debbie
Smoked pork loin yesterday and noticed the 12-15 hours on your chart......Wow I said, that's got to be erroneous as it always takes a flat 5 hours to reach 160* internal and 5- 1/2 hours for 165* for me....was going to ask about it but see you have already corrected.....

Thanks for the Charts
Marvin -

I think when I moved some of the stuff around last time I missed a column. If you see anything else let me know!
Final Updates (I think) we're up to 6 pages or Meats, fruits, veggies, Fish, shellfish and other stuff. I can't even think of anything else.

Except maybe the Peach Cobbler I just copied, but naw we don't need that.
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