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Sales are good! I forgot to add in my earlier post... when I opted for the lifetime premier I figured I'd be sticking around for quite awhile so the longer I stay the better value I get. The premier price is cheap compared to what the enabling around this place costs ! :emoji_blush:

I'm lazy. I don't like paying bills.
There are 3 other forums I've paid a C-Note for to get a lifetime subscription.
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Honestly, I got the membership because all the popup ads made it impossible to read the forum on my phone.....
My desktop no problem as I had popup blocker and ad blocker.... never saw an ad...but the phone...woof......and I have a feeling the reason for all the popup ads was to annoy you enough to buy a membership...congrats...it worked!
I mean I couldn't name a single product in the ads...that's how utterly annoying they were...then scrolling and accidentally clicking on them constantly because they'd just pop up everywhere.......let's just say I wasn't born yesterday.

If the forum wasn't worth a membership, I wouldn't pony up...it's the member's that make it worthwhile.
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I went 3 year on my first membership. I often lose interest after 3 years in a topic base forum.
Well, it didn't happen so I did the lifetime shortly before Jeff offered the 1/2 price. I got over it.
My old cell phone plan had limited data and without a member log in it burned out a month in 2 hours. The videos really suck compared to other sites.
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This is one of the few places that I placed my money down to earn a lifetime premier membership. I have not done it very often in my life but I feel like it was worth it for this site. I have no regrets.
Great question! I did run a sale for a full month or so last year and I'll definitely do that again.

Let me get my ducks in a row and I'll look into getting that set up in the next few days for anyone who wants to opt in to browse without ads.
Well Jeff are you going to get something going soon or do I just not renew? I want to support the forum put your lack of info as to when your sale might happen is what is keeping me from buying into your forum. Add blocckers work great but that is not the way I want to go.
Just do a monthly ($1.99 I believe) for now until he starts a sale... Surely you can spare a 199 pennies...
Yes I am on a renew of membership auto everyyear so it just renewed for another year. You would think someone who has such a large forum would be more involved with membership requests. Hopefully he is well and can still deal with the daily things that make this forum great.
So sorry for being so slow at getting this done.. it's been a crazy few weeks!

I have marked the lifetime membership down to 50% off.

KBFlyer KBFlyer , I will cancel/refund your current membership and you can go ahead and get the half-price lifetime membership that you wanted.

I will wait until you get the new one before I cancel the old one so you want have to deal with ads during the interim.

To upgrade, go to https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/account/upgrades
Thank you Jeff
Just for any Canadian members wanting to get into the deal it works out to $71.08CAD. Damn I hate the exchange rates lol
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