unit 2 up & running

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
seasoning the new baby today(w/ hickory). will be breaking her in w/ a whole chix,a meatloaf, & the requisite fatty(thought i had more in the freezer).running w/out the warming rack & applied the vent mod.simple mod using grate 1 as a tuning plate & sealed a few leaks w/ foil-yeah i'm cheap for now. here's pics. Qview to follow later tonight. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/food pix/
Looks great. Quick question....how do you keep the fattie from softening and falling down into the grate? I've got two of them on now and they're trying to flatten out a bit.
I don't mind the semi-round shape myself, but there are a couple ways to keep it from falling through the grates so much. You can use the screen type things like for jerky/fish/vegetables or get some pretty tight expanded metal at the local metal/welding shop. Just have them cut you a square big enough for 3 or 4 fatties. It works quite well and then you have a good tray to transport the fatties to and from the smoker. I don't use it too much though, just something else to clean.
Like Gypsy said, I don't mess with mine but you can get a disposable aluminum mesh grate at Wally-World for 99 cents use it a few times
and trash it. Yes mine also flatten a little(like an oval) but I have found
that doesn't effect the taste and after a few beers they look round

Almost forgot, gypsy that's some good lookin grub
ty debi that means a lot coming from you- that was the juciest bird i've ever done. w/ the mods unit 2 held steady @ 225. it took a lot of fuel to even get it to 300-350 to cure it,but all in all i think i like it.it cooks totally different than unit 1 w/ the different mods-it still needs a damper as i can tell i was losing heat between the sfb & the chamber.but then again- this way i know i can't overcook.
Congrats Gypsy, grub looks great! Glad the twin is performing so well, ya' done good!!
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