UGH!!! Bangin' head on QVUE!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tell you what bbq, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. I CANNOT figure out how to post my pix!! ;-(

    Brand new Dell...with pix on computer...cannot 'reduce pixels'?? S...breathe...breathe......

    DEEEEEEEEP BREATHHH........let me try it Slooooowllyy.....
  2. bertjo44

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    Have you tried Irfanview. Free software just search on it. I use it to reduce pics for my wifes' Myspace page. It might not be best way as others seem to post huges quanitities of photos quickly (after vacation etc) but it does work. One you open a photo in Irfanview you just move the slide to reduce file size and resave (change the name or you will lose quality in the original in case you want to print later.) Whew.
  3. dionysus

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    If you are having trouble with your picture size try this .... Scroll down and select/Install the Image Resizer tool. It's a great application that should take care of those overly large images for you ....
  4. smokin for life

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  5. pigcicles

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    Follow that link and you'll have pix showing up in a flash. Keep asking if you can't get it going
  6. kookie

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    I have found with my camera works best for posting if I have the camera set to take pic's in a lower resalution and if they are still to big I just crop them down and get rid of the backround stuff and then I can post them fairly easy............ Just another idea..........
  7. Qvue...successful yesterday. THanks.
  8. simondsjt

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    Upload your pics to then it will resize them and give you links to different sizes that you can post. It's free and it will let you host a bunch of pics ( like 2gig worth).
  9. walking dude

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  10. flash

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    Unfortunately the megapixel myth has been forced onto the consumer and more and more cameras offer minimal megapixels of 5 to 6 now adays. Unless you lower your cameras resolution, you will end up with photos too huge for posting. Even with websites that will downsize the resolution for you, you must first upload them and if they are a high resolution, that may take some time, especially if you are still on dial up (yes, it is still out there [​IMG] ) Doing it in your camera should be first and easiest choice, then Photo Editing software (Photoshop, Elements, MS Paint, Irfranview, etc).
    Sites like Photobucket let you upload at your full resolution, but then you have an OPTIONS button where you can change the display to a more web friendly size (800 x 600 or less)
  11. walking dude

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    my camera doesn't have a resolution option when taking pics.......its a digi point and shoot type of when i dl them to my computer, using the kodak software that came with it, i do my cropping, enhancements with this, then when i save, i save the pics best for web........then save to a folder on my desktop..........i then go to imageshack, browse to this folder.......upload and host it.......then copy and paste the link to the post i am creating here.......
  12. flash

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    That's odd dude....what camera do you have?
  13. walking dude

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    kodak easyshare cx7300
  14. pitrow

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    According to what I'm seeing on the web your cx7300 has 4 resolution setting:
    [font=arial,helvetica] 3.2MP Best (2080x1544 Low compression)
    2.8MP Best (2080x1368; 3:2 optimized for 4x6" prints)
    3.2MP Better (2080x1544 High compression)
    0.8MP Good (1024x768; email)

    Though even the lowest setting is kinda large for posting on websites.
  15. flash

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  16. walking dude

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    kewl thankx pitrow...........but its SO much easier for me just to resize using the software.........that way, if the pic i take i want to save for the best resolution, then i have it that way,.........then i just resize for pics i want to post here on the web...........
  17. Welcome to the best site on the net for somoking meat.

    (Sorry, my typing is a bit slow, I am only typing with one hand, the other is holding a sandwich, Smoked Loin)

    I too use the powertoy for many pics. I host websites and manage even more and the powertoy is easy to use and works well.

  18. I use Mihov image resizer. Much easier than photobucket or any of the others. You can make the pics any size you want and it automatically saves them to your "my documents" folder. Then when you want to post a pic you can just browse your folder and upload instead of fooling around with URL's.

    Do a google search for Mihov image resizer and DL it for free. Saved me a lot of headaches.

    Here is the link even.
  19. glued2it

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    The problem with uploads is that only registered users can see the pics plus you have to click on them to see them. Honestly I don't always click the pic to view it.

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