UDS overnights when cold

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by stubborn, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. stubborn

    stubborn Fire Starter

    This will be my first fall/winter with a UDS (or smoking, period). I usually use mine for overnighters 'cause it lets me sleep. I'm not sure what to expect when starting the smoke in the evening at 50 degrees or so and having the temp droop into the 30's overnight. Does a UDS maintain the internal temp pretty well even with the drop in the air temp? Or do I need to open the vents a bit when I turn in, in order to increase the heat inside to offset the drop in air temp overnight?
  2. ddave

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    An overnight ambient temp drop of 50° to 30° ain't nothing to a UDS. [​IMG]

    Sleep tight.

  3. billbo

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    You will have no problems at all. Those things will run in a blizzard!
  4. michchef

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    Cool! I've been wonderin' about that myself. I just moved my drum up onto my deck on a layer of patio pavers for the Winter so I can just open my slider and check/fill/empty it. But by doing so, I've taken it from the shelter from beside my shed and raised it up about 3 feet higher into the wind. I'm seriously thinking about cutting a sheet of plywood into 3 - 32" x 48" pieces and joining back up with piano hinges to form a 3 sided wind shield for the drum. Plus, if I leave that around the drum and throw another piece of plywood or a tarp over the top, I won't be havin' to clean the snow off of and from around it when I want to do a smoke.

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