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    I did a smoked stealhead in a two step dry cure then wet brine method first posted by HerkySprings. I found a fish poaching pan that I hadn't used in several decades and it was a perfect container for applying the dry cure.

    I used a mixture of brown sugar, salt and ground coriander for the dry cure. I place a thick layer in the bottom of this stainless fish poacher then layed the trout in and buried it deep in cure.

    I then placed the rack on top of the mound of cure and weighted it down with a couple of bags of rice

    The fish was left to cure for 24 hrs then washed of cure and placed in ice water to refresh for 30 mins of so. It was then placed in a liquid brine of salt, sugar and coriander. The salinity was such that a raw egg floated. It sat in the liquid brine for around 9 hrs afer which it was removed and dried in the fridge to form a pelicle. It was then cold smoked for 2.5 hrs using apple chips.

    We've been eating it for the last couple of days. Sliced then and served on points of whole wheat toast smeared with cream cheese, capers, sliced grape tomatoes and caper berries

    One of my favorite meals for breakfast.

    Thanks for looking[​IMG]
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    Good looking salmon. Thanks for the Qview.

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