Two small butts question?

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Sep 11, 2006
Lenexa, KS
I'm going to smoke two small butt's, never have done two at a time on a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.
Please no bad comments from the real smokers out there about using the electric :-) Only using electric because I will be finishing up putting in my sprinkler system the same day and don't want to be checking the smoker and monitoring it the whole day, as my wife is on my butt to get the sprinkler system done

They are only about 3 1/2 to 4 lbs a piece. I know the electric smokers are supposed to work like an oven pretty much, so the temp should be the same in the entire unit. I'm just wondering if this is true or not and do you think I will need to switch the racks every once in a while to move one from the top to the bottom, etc.

I don't really care about the time it takes to cook them, figured out that it's better to smoke based on the internal temp. of the meat as opposed to the time it's taken. Going to leave them on until they hit the 180 internal temp, then wrap in foil, cook until 195 int. temp and remove and place in towels and cooler for about an hour. Plan on putting them on around 5am so they should be done in time for dinner later on. Going to try the Finishing Sauce as well, excited to see how that works out.

thanks for everybody's suggestions and tips, this is really a great place to learn about smoking and read about everyones experiences.
I was just thinkin'.
Wouldn't 2 small butts fit on the same rack?
If so,then there is no worry to switch.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Happy smokin'

And as far as electric smokers go.
As long as you got wood in there smokin',who cares?
I just did two 9 pounders in my MES at 225 and didn't bother rotating them. One plateau'd, one didn't. They came out fine! Had rigged it for chunks so I could go 3-4 hours between re-wood.
Welcome, I think you have a plan . The only thing I would do different is to wrap in foil @ 160 not 180 , throw a splash of apple juice in with it. Good luck and post some pics if you can!!
Sounds to me like you're on the right track. One thing did hear about cabinet syle smokers be electric or gas is that the most consistant heat is around the middle racks of the smoker. I don't know if this is true or not. If i'm doing a flat, or just one butt, I'll ususually use the middle racks if my GOSM.

A wise man once said "It don't need no tuning plates if it's got a good draw."
thanks for everyone's input. Something else I thought about was how much smoke to be using? I usually only smoke for no more than 2 hours. The amount of smoke and the type is what i've been trying to play around with. Not a big fan of the Hickory or Mesquite. Anyone have a suggestion or two appreciate it.
My Masterbuilt Elect. Smoker has been modified and I added a vent to the top. It's a brass ball-valve for gas pipe so I can adjust the vent opening.

I am a big fan of the fruit woods, apple and cherry. Try mixing i can get bulk hickory and fill in with chips(tip from chrish) works great . 2 hours should be enough time give it a good smoke flavor . However it really is a matter of personal taste. I tend to like a heavy smoke flavor and smoke thru 75% percent of my smokes, but I am playing around with that as well. Hope this helps.

..... and I wouldn't take them out until internal is between 200º and 205º

just my nickel ninety-eight's worth
I'm still new but I bought online apple chunks and won't use mesquite ever again, too bitter. The fruits are sweeter and milder, but still a very strong smoke flavor, I keep wood burning until I see 3 smokers. Mine's always in the middle.
Well u knocked down my 2 favorite woods, to each his own
Try apple or cherry if u can find it, maybe mixed with hickory, much milder flavor. Smoke to 160* and foil with your favorite liquid, and finish to at least 195*. Dont forget to spritz every hour or so ( try apple juice and bacardi 2 to 1..good stuff) good luck and we like pic's
I think I may have bought the wrong meat. The are called 'Pork Shoulder Blade Boston Roast". Wasn't paying attention, say the word Boston and figured they were the right things. Sometimes I buy them and they say 'Boston Butt' but these don't. You guys think they'll be okay?

Here's a pic of them in stage 1. Used two different rubs, Happy Holla and Cajun Injector Cajun Shake. RUbbed and wrapped at 8:30pm CST Wednesday. Hoping to put them on at around 6am Thursday.
Jefmkr -

There's no sucj thing as thr wrong meat! It'll all smoke! Do them just like a butt. If you don't like strong tasting hickory or mesquet you can either use less of it, or chnage woods.

I find that pepople that complaint about hickory and mequet haven't learned to keep the smoke thin and blue yet. To much smoke at once makes it bitter n matter what you use. Also you don't need to run wood the whole time either if you don't like strong smoke. Try adding wood the first 3 or 4 hours then stop.

You mension you only smoke for 2 hours - I suspect to much smoke you should just barely be able to see it not like a camp fire. Tiny delicate wisps of thin blue smoke ... not a cloud. Good luck!
Apple and cherry are really good on pork. Just do like Debi said and treat them like a butt. I dont know if it's true or not, but I've heard meat won't take any more smoke after it get to 140 degrees internal. (let the debate begin!)
Well I finally got everything put on at 7:45am this morning. Put the pork on separate racks as well made a batch of the 'Wicked Baked Beans' everyone talks about here.

I'll tell you what these are cooking considerably faster than I thought. Have the temp at 225. It's not 9:45 and the smaller butt has an int. temp of 152 and the larger one which is on the lower rack is at 137. Figured the larger one would take longer but they are cooking faster than I thought. I know i'll hit that plateau but these seem to be going pretty quick. Will wrap in foil at 160 instead of 180, seems more people wrap at 160 than the 180. Will wrap at 160 and leave until they hit the 200-205.

Another thing I thought about is the finishing sauce. I will be eating this over the weekend as we are going to the lake. Do you guys think I should put the finishing sauce on when I pull it or do you think I should pull it, refrigerate it and then put the finishing sauce on as it gets eaten? It's not like we are going to eat it all at once this weekend so I figured putting the sauce on after I pull it would be okay.

What do you guys think?
Sounds like things are coming along very nicely for you. As far as the sauce goes either way will work. I think most people apply once it is shredded and have some on hand . Looking forward to the pics! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.