two drunks in a bar (pg sort of)

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  1. Two guys are sitting at the bar soaking up as much as possible; they both get really drunk and one of them pukes all over himself. He starts crying and asks the other guy what am I going to tell my wife when I get home. The other guys says, 'no problem', stick a $20 dollar bill in your shirt pocket and tell her that I got sick and messed up your shirt and put the twenty in there for the dry cleaning expenses. The guys perks up and says thank-you, thank-you, you have solved my problem. When the guy gets home his wife is reallly angry noticing that he can barely walk but sees two twenties in his pocket.
    She asks him where the money came from...he buddy from work got really drunk and he was sick on my shirt so he gave me twenty for the dry cleaning...she asks...what is the other twenty for....he says...he also
    sh*t in my pants.....
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    lol I have been that drunk before lol that was great

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