twice smoked potato

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hooked on smokin

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Jan 20, 2007
first i buttered em up and put garlic salt on them.
second foiled em and smoked em for 1 1/2 hour @220

and as many have there own recipe for twice BAKED i used

1/4 sour creme
1/4 cup cheese
3 tbl of bacon bits
2 tbl of butter
1tsp salt
1tsp pepper

mixed with your filling, then topped with cheese and bacon bits then smoke for another hour and its good.

this was my first, i did not like the outcome but my wife loved them, and when it comes to my concoctions she will not lie to me.
looks good, john. my wife just saw your pics, now i have to smoke some potatoes. i have done some before, but i didn't use any foil on them. i just washed them, poked some holes in them with a fork, rubbed EVOO on them, and put salt and pepper on them. i will defintely smoke them twice next time. first whole, then cut in half, with butter, cheese, and bacon on them (real bacon, not the fake bits).
will do. i didn't think of it today when i started up all of the stuff i put in there, read my post under the general section. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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