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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
Smoked a couple 10 ½ lb. turkeys today. Used peach wood for flavor and RO lump.

Before, rubbed w/ olive oil, a little Sea salt, Tony C's, and fresh cracked pepper:

Done, skin was nice and crisp on these guys, very moist and juicy:

I made an awesome platter w/ wings, thighs, drumsticks, and sliced white breast meat. It turns out no one here was smart enough to get a pic of it though. I'm gonna have to dock the photographer's pay.
looked pretty dang tasty chad....as I eye that peach tree in the back corner of my back yard....hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smoker ain't big enough for two of those however.....
how is the kid doing?
Gorgeous birds. I am also interested in the secret to getting the crispy skin. I have tried but never been able to achieve it.
No secret on these, the direct heat really kept them from getting rubbery it seems. Other than that I did nothing special because I was just seeing where my starting point would be with this smoker. BTW, cooked @ 225°-240° for 4 hours.
The turkeys tasted very well Cheech. All four dinner participants had turkey sammies for lunch the day after.
As for the peach, loved it. I put 5 butts over it today. Been a long time since I experimented w/ wood for pulled pork.
The BDS is the crispy skin secret, direct heat. Boy, do they look good!

Same photographer (morel lover) who is taking pics of the location for the gathering?
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