Turkey in an MES

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by homebrew & bbq, Nov 7, 2007.

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    I'd like to do a turkey and get that nice skin on it, but I just discovered that the thermostat on my MES only goes up to 270. I'm thinking I will do the turkey in the oven for a while then put it in an oven at 350. The question is, how long does it need to be in the oven to give me that nice golden skin?
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    I have had good luck with turkeys in the MES @ 225 and smoked with apple chips until the intenal temp of the bird came up to the USDA standard.

    Then you can remove it and place in the kitchen oven at 350* or 375* and watch closely until you get the skin texture you desire

    The bird will look good before you put it in the oven but the skin will not be the texture you are looking for if you want to eat it too

    It is good without doing the crispy thing...just remove the skin at serving time[​IMG]

    Just looked back at some of my notes on smokes I have done on turkey and my MES was set at 250* degrees not 225*

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