turkey ham cure??

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gravey, Nov 22, 2009.

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    So I recently acquired a 10 lb turkey from my FIL. I'm thinking about boning out the breasts, tying them or butterflying and tying them together, then curing into a ham. How many days per lb or should I treat it like making canadian bacon. Any recipe ideas..?
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    Im sure someone will chime in here but I gotta be honest...I have never heard of a turkey ham..Not that I find it strange just never heard of it..Hmmmm
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  4. fire it up

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    I like the way Ron thinks [​IMG]
    One time I took some turkey legs and pastramified them (cured and smoked like I would a pastrami) and they turned out great.

    Lightening up on the rub and doing a good injection cure then smoke should give you a great hamish cured turkey.

    If going for a full bird I would probably triple the recipe and inject as much as I can into the meat before allowing it to rest for...I'm thinking 3-4 days should be enough for a proper cure on a turkey.
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    Got two turkeys in the pickle right now, my son is bringning one over today he did last week for an employee and we'll smoke it today, the other to be smoked Thanksgiving morning.
    I use a wet brine of 1 gal. water, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup salt, plus 1 tbsp. DQ Cure. Inject the breasts and soak in the pickle for a week (depends on the size of the container you're soaking it in, you may have to make up a couple batches of it.). Pull out, smoke to 165°, and you've got a ham-flavored smoked turkey, a true delicasy! You could bone out the breasts and butterfly them and only soak a couple days and
    they should be pickled enough before smoking.
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    Eh, Just a shot in the dark mind you, but you don't do the grocery shopping for your family do you? [​IMG]
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    I'll have to let you know I'm curing the leg, wing, and thigh right now and then I;ll smoke the cured ones with the just rubbed one to see which we like better. And it all came from Ron and Dave. Thanks guys.

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