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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by low smoke, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. I plan on doing two turkey breast tomorrow and they are about 4 lbs each and was plan on doing 225 temp and was wondering how long I should let these puppies sit on the smoker. I know I read that a normal 12 lb turkey needs 6-7 hours. Any info is highly appreciated.
  2. mballi3011

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    I would think about 3-4 hours would be a max time but I'm not great at times. But someone will come along before long that should know more thhan me.
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    Get a quality and thermometer and check it in boiling water. It should read close to 212* F. Then cooks those breasts to 165-170*F in the thickest part of the breast. Always cook to temp not to time. But I'd plan on a 4 hour smoke or better.

    Good luck. Be sure to take some qview to share with everyone here on the greatest smoking site on the net!
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    The dude and Mark are right, at 225, expect a 4 hour smoke or there abouts. If you crank it to 275, a little over 3 hours. Temp is king...
  5. Thanks for the answers. I know have to keep remiding myself that Im working with temp and not time on this. It is now stored in the ol memory bank. Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoyed those smoked birds and hams if you are having them.
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    I assume that would be breast side up away from the rack?
  7. Yes it will be breast side up away from the rack. Again thanks for all the info
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    I am thinking it will take 3 hours for my 6# breast(I read 30 minutes per lb. as an estimate),

    I am going to smoke 250-260, and pull it when it hits 160 degrees.
  9. I am doing a 4.0lb boneless breast with a mix of pecan chips and apple pellets and it's over 3 hours already, MES at about 245, and it may have stalled at around 150. It's been around 149 -153 for nearly 45 minutes or so now. Similar results on 2 different digital thermometers. I just set the temp to 265 to speed it up, I will take it out at 160. It's nearly 3.5hrs now.
  10. As soon as I got done typing my last post, I went out and checked the temp & it was up to 162!

    So it took me about 3.5 hours mostly at 245-250 and the last 10-15 minutes of that was at 265-270 to get past the "stall." This was a 4.0lb boneless breast, bought at ALDI, I think Kirkwood or Kirkland or something similar.
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    Thanks for the tips I am going to try one this weekend and was looking info and all I did was the "Funk & Wagnells" of  the smoking universe!![​IMG]

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