Turkey and beer can chicken...strange taste

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by meltyface, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I decided to smoke a turkey and beer can chicken today and everything went fairly well...until I ate the chicken. I used a dry rub for both birds comprised of melted butter and dry rub I bought from the store. This is the first time I've tried rubbing the birds with the rub mixed into butter and I think that might be where my issue is at.

    When I took a bite of the leg off the bird, the skin has a chemically taste to it. It kind of made my tongue feel like it had a lingering film on it. I'm kinda pissed because this is making me think the pecan wood I bought this time was sprayed with something, or the butter did something....I don't know, does anyone know what could have caused this issue. The inside of the bird taste great though.

    I'm not sure if the turkey has the same taste, it's still cooking.

    I'm cooking at 260, smoker won't get much hotter than this, and using pecan wood.
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    Hmm....what does the smoke look like? Does the cook chamber have good exhaust ventilation? Did the chicken skin cause a numbness or tingling on you lips/tongue, or inside your mouth?

    I think you may have stale or heavy smoke issues...

    Butter and rub seasonings shouldn't cause an adverse effect on the flavor...it should be quite tasty, actually...and I hear Pecan is excellent for milder meats. If the wood is treated with anything, it can't (should not) be sold as smoke wood...

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    Have you bought that particular rub before? It could be the rub itself that tastes like that.
  4. Yeah it did leave kind of a tingling feeling on my tongue....the smoke was pretty much white through the whole smoke, because I was trying to get the temp to 300, but was unable to reach past 160.. I was thinking that I messed up either with the wood or smoke...guess next time I'm just going to try keeping the temp at 255-260 so that I'm not forcing my wood to burn so badly.

    It's not the rub, I've used it before and tastes great, it's 1/2 mccormicks chicken rub and 1/2 emeril's chicken rub.
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    OK, don't sweat the chamber temperatures. Keep it going. You'll need to move the smoke wood farther away from the heat source and/or limit the air getting to the smoke wood by putting it in a steel container (coffee can) and possibly covering it (with foil or metal lid), to slow it down. Then, you can achieve the thin blue that gives off such a great taste.

    If the turkey is still in this evironment, then I would remove the smoke wood and just finish cooking withpout anymore smoke.

    Good luck!


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