Trying the 3-2-1 method today heres a ?

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I've met with some success smoking my ribs so far ( 1 month ) on a bge. I'd like to get them a bit more tender (tear off the bone..not fall off the bone) I'm going to try the 3-2-1 method today on some pork spares. here is my question and concern. If I spritz them with apple cider after a few hours, won't my rub fall off ?
Nope, it shouldn't. Also, you can slather the ribs with yellow mustard... this helps keep the rub in place and forms a really nice "bark". You will not get a mustard taste in the end.

Looking forward to seeing the results!
I've never spritzed mine in the first hour and I haven't had that problem. But I usually rub mine the night before and the next morning.
I think if you wait abit, atleast an 1 1/2 into the 3, you wouldn't lose any of the rub as it has already started to work its way into the meat too much to fall off. As the meat sweats, you would think it would drip off, maybe some does, but not much. Probably the reason you do a good dusting with the rub to begin with. When I do some fish I spray it with a 50-50 Canola Oil/Lemon mix, then pat dry with paper towel. I do get some rub on the paper towel, but not as much as you think.

If you do not want full 3-2-1 "fall off the bone" remember to adjust your times some. The more time in the foil the better chance for "fall off the bone", so maybe a 3-1.5-1.5 might be more to your taste.
Thanks Flash..I think I'm going to do the full 3-2-1 just to experience it at its true method, then adjust to my personal tastes from there. Most peoples "holy grail" is fall off the bone ( That level of doneness is a bit much for me-I like a little pull and tug to my ribs) I'll be posting some pics later
Good plan. The great thing about smoking is if something does'nt turn out like you hoped, just don't do it again!
But by doing a full 3-2-1, you will get true "fall off the bone" ribs, something I refer to as "expensive pulled pork".

Good luck and keep us up to date!
good deal. I think the normal "joe" likes "fall off the bone". In competitions, it is considered over done. My wife wants the fall off the bone, I like it too, but easily can do some "chewing" on ribs too. I have one friend that calls the 3-2-1 method "mush......ribs for your toothless grandma".

If its not fully too your liking, you'll adjust for the next smoke.
I agree, my days not gonna be so bad if I end up with a rack of FOTB ribs
. BBQ is Sooooo Subjective and regional, when You think of it, its alot like art. You know what you like. Pictures to follow..probably going to start cooking around noon ( MI time).
Too bad the prevailing winds here are west-to-east. If it was the othe way, I'd be standing on the deck with the nose in the air!
Thats good to know..I've never been to a real bbq competition, so it's points off for falling off the bone huh? You're right about the average Joe. I'm going to continue to experiment with ribs until i get it to a science, then share some authentic bbq with my family., being from MI I doubt any have had any "real" bbq, just grilled stuff, looking forward to their comments on real "que".
For what its worth, I used my ecb and did some babybacks at about 2.5-2-.5, and they were perfect pull off the bone. Had some color left in the meat and would only fall apart if you picked it up at the end and half the rack was hanging. Otherwise it was a nice tug and the meat peeled off. No meat left behind, and still had a good chew left.
BigCab -

3-2-1 is a guide and your smoker and temperatures will change the numbers slightly. I seems the "fall off the bone" part comes mostly from the wrapping - so if you shorten the wrap time some you'll get a nice tug to the meat rather than falling off. You'll learn to adjust as you go along. Good luck! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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