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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by starsfaninco, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I heard this joke when I was in high school and it's been a favorite ever since.

    EDIT: "R"'s are expensive where I'm from, so I try not to use too many of em :)

    Frank was a truckdriver who had to go in to upgrade his CDL (Commercial Driver License) because of some new hazardous cargo he would be hauling. The examiner greeted him and began asking him questions to test his knowledge of various safety and traffic regulations.

    Finally the examiner asked him, "What do you do if you are going down the side of a mountain and discover your brakes are not working and there is another truck blocking the pull out road ahead of you?"

    "I'd wake up my partner Bill." said Frank.

    "Why would you wake up your partner?" the examiner asked puzzled.

    "Because Bill ain't never seen a wreck like we're fixing to see." Frank replied.
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    OK, so old it's petrified! But still brings a smile![​IMG]
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    Still good for a chuckle..............

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